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This area is intended to list explicit knowledge facilitators are expected to have, training they should receive and other resources with which they should be familiar.

NOTE: The content in this section is draft and does not yet have any official force or weight

All modeling facilitators are expected to:

1. Have read through and be sufficiently familiar with the content of the following ballot sections that they can explain most (though not necessary all) of it to others within their committees:

  • HL7 Core Principles
  • HL7 Reference Information Model
  • HL7 Abstract Datatype Specification (R2)
  • The structural vocabularies for the backbone classes, including classCode, moodCode, determinerCode, typeCodes and statusCodes

{Question: Do we want to identify specific core concepts that need to be understood, perhaps as a link?}

2. Be familiar with the diagramming conventions used in Visio-style model representations, including:

  • the meaning of the color-coding, shading and text formatting
  • how to interpret arrow directionality and cardinality markings
  • how to visually navigate a graphical model to understand hierarchical relationships

3. Understand how to use the RoseTree tool to navigate the RIM to find class, attribute and association descriptions and to navigate vocabulary concept domain, code systems and value-sets

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