MnM Facilitator Guidelines

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NOTE: The content in this section is draft and does not yet have any official force or weight

This section documents the responsibilities of those HL7 members who have chosen to accept the role of Modeling and Methodology Facilitator. Its initial purpose is to generate initial consensus about what the role of an MnM facilitator is. It will also help new entrants to the role of facilitator to understand what their respondibilities are.

MnM Facilitator Pre-requisites

A person must:

  • be and maintain an active membership in HL7, either through individual, organizational or affiliate membership
  • have a base familiarity with object modeling techniques and with the HL7 RIM in particular, either through past experience or through attending the appropriate courses (refer to [MnM Facilitator Training])
  • indicate to an MnM co-chair their desire to be a facilitator and willingness and ability to meet the expectations listed below
    • The MnM co-chair must convey the registration of a member as a facilitator to HL7 HQ, including the project or Work Group the facilitator will be representing
    • Should a member choose to resign their responsibilities as a facilitator, they must inform an MnM co-chair who can then inform HL7 HQ

Mnm Facilitator Responsibilities

MnM Facilitators are expected to:

  • attend HL7 working group meetings
    • for various reasons, attendance at all WGMs can sometimes be difficult, however failure to attend any WGMs will make it very difficult to fulfill the role of facilitator
  • subscribe to the MnM List server (
  • participate in HL7 WGM Sunday afternoon planning sessions and Thursday-night roundtables
  • participate regularly in MnM conference calls
  • participate regularly in project and/or committee calls and meetings for the Project or Work Group they are facilitating
  • take responsibility for ensuring that the models developed by their project/committee aligns with current best practices, patterns, guidelines and quality criteria as established and maintained by the MnM Committee
  • lead and guide modeling activities within the projects and/or committees for which they are the named facilitators
  • raise modeling issues identified within their projects/committees to the MnM committee for resolution
  • represent their project/committee's interests and requirements in MnM discussions, including harmonization meetings
  • reflect back to their committees MnM decisions on Hot Topics and harmonization and ensure the results of these decisions are appropriately incorporated in committee artifacts