MnM Facilitation Criteria

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MnM Facilitation Criteria

NOTE: The content in this section is draft and does not yet have any official force or weight

This page lists the criteria to be used by projects and by the ARB to determine when a project requires a Modeling and Methodology facilitator.

The purpose of having a Modeling Facilitator is:

  • Ensure that the HL7 Reference Model (RIM) is used in a consistent manner
  • Ensure that modeling best practices are captured and followed
  • Ensure that issues related to modeling are raised and resolved in an agreed manner
  • Provide quality assurance of the models developed by HL7
  • Provide a mechanism for training of other participants in the HL7 development process


  • If the project will be publishing RIM-based static models, including DIMs (D-MIMs), CIMs (R-MIMs, HMDs and Message Types) and LIMs (Templates, Profiles and "Implementation Guides", they MUST have an MnM Facilitator to ensue c
  • If the project will be producing UML models that will eventually be mapped to RIM-based models (e.g. Domain Analysis Models), the project is strongly encouraged to have a modeling facilitator
  • Other projects do not require MnM facilitation. However, if they are making use of RIM-based artifacts (e.g. training, publication, tooling, etc.) they are encouraged to monitor the MnM list server to ensure they are aware of developments in methodology that may affect the deliverables of their projects.