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Suggested Topics for Member Advantage Webinars

(Gleaned from first four Member Advantage Webinar surveys August – October 2013)

Education WG is looking to create the 2014 Member Advantage Webinar Series. Please review the following list and add any suggestions for a 2014 Webinar series (1 Webinar per month) as well as possible speakers. If you are not able to edit this Wiki page directly, please email your suggestions to Sharon Chaplock (

  1. Presentations re: understanding CDA
  2. vMR/QDM harmonization
  3. More discussion of Cypress requirements and report generation, regarding 2014 Edition certification of EHRs.
  4. Specific topics with an in-depth, technical focus (note: this is not the intent of Member Advantage webinars)
  5. Secondary use of health information
  6. Electronic transmission of HL7 v2.5.1 immunization transactions to state registries for Meaningful Use Stage 2 – standardization between states, CDC, HER vendors & other entities; data mapping; implementation strategy
  7. More information on the evolution and status of FHIR
  8. C-CDA, CCD and their relationship to MU
  9. HL7 standards for MU Stage 2 in depth (pointing out resources)
  10. HL7 and IHE: cooperation competition, differentiation, overlaps
  11. I would like more topics related to the MU 2 requirements. Especially as we develop new data models. But also for QRDA if you haven’t implemented CDA. This webinar (QRDA) assumed you had and knew how to work with the templates.
  12. More information on how HL7 standards are used in clinical environments. As a member of the device industry (manufacturer), it is very helpful to understand how information coming from regulatory submissions (using SPL, CPM, RPS, ICSR standards) is used in downstream uses, such as EHRs, quality reports, registries, etc. We know that the information flows to the NLM, but know very little of how information flows within healthcare systems.
  13. How is C-CDA and CDA used within an electronic medical record. Especially in terms of MU.
  14. Topics on Health Information Exchanges
  15. If you can provide more case study for specific area, that will be good.
  16. Attachments as proposed in the NCVHS recommendation to HHS.
  17. CDA/C-CDA comparison to FHIR in depth.
  18. Explanations and tutorials on the standards and other technologies for the general education of members.
  19. More on FHIR, more in-depth sessions on MU/LOI, LRI, ELR, and other IGs as they pertain to MU, future of v2.x
  20. Advanced summaries of developing standards and implementation guides.
  21. Presentations of various HL7 implementations in/by national programs.
  22. More in depth info on FHIR implementations (which choices were made on the infrastructure, how does FHIR work with the infrastructure)?
  23. Regulatory Product Submissions standard
  24. Would like to hear how HL7 will address policy initiatives and the role volunteers can play to help make it happen. Meaningful Use Phas 3 would be an example or health exchanges