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Meeting Notes

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  • See here for Attendees list
  • Chair: Lloyd
  • FHIR workflow - project run by FHIR-I
    • Objective 1 - consistency in recording what need to be done with what was done
    • Objective 2 - to define and make clear to folks the different ways to ask for something to be done and not rely only on the request resource but to follow-up on whether it was done.
  • Workflow was to increase the consistency.
  • Focus for this session
    • Workflow reports that identified request or event patterns that need to be fully aligned or intentional not. Allows override. Some workgroups have done this. Impoertant to do this if hte resource is moving to normative (# or above)

Once that is done, the workflow project will review. Want to encourage consistency where they can get.

    • Look at the patterns - some changes have occurred since STU 3
    • exampleScenario resource - hope to have it publishable as part of STU4. A mechanism for seeing the different flows related to the original request.
    • Provide review of what exists in the workflow space

Review workflow space

  • Patterns - Request, Event
    • Workgroups should have received an xml file
    • for things that should not have the pattern applied paste into the suppressedIssues to make if clear this is a conscious decision to not apply the workflow pattern
    • Patterns should not drive decisions. Implementations should drive decisions.
      • For care plan - PC has a change request against carePlan.instantiates to have a reference + uri.


  • new resource - ExampleScenario
    • Overview of what this resource does
    • May be in the May ballot
    • when working on scenarios will be able to see this
    • Allows an out if a resource is not used as part of the scenario
    • Is available to start playing with the resource.
    • Hope to have this built into the build project
    • Explore introducing this into CoF on Friday
    • May want to start with a smaller set and maintain the deltas between them
    • May tie into the vision of where we want parts of the connecthathon to go into cross track scenarios
    • Indepth discussion about the degree of the examples that is also needed for clinical examples.

Change requests

  • Describe relationship between FHIR workflow and Healthcare Business Process happening in OMG
  • Consider applying the SOA work to workflow
  • Workflow calls are mondays and wednesdays at 2 pm EST
  • This quarter continues at next WGM - FHIR-I will host.