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Meeting Minutes 15 March 2011

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Notes from RPS R3 WG Teleconference 15 March 2011


Any comments or corrections should be sent to Keith. Keith will also post meeting notes on the wiki.


There was no discussion of the content of the storyboards in response to Jason’s request for questions or comments. There was a request that the storyboards be posted to the wiki; Jason agreed to do this.


Jason had sent out an updated RPS R3 task list in Excel, which was reviewed leading to the following decisions:

  • Domain analysis: no reason to reconsider the decision not to produce it for this project.
  • Storyboards: further review should be done
  • Glossary: Keith to provide a draft by next week.
  • Compound documents requirement: considered complete
  • Update model walkthrough: Jason asked if Joe/Joel would review the material related to documents and asked anyone else who had suggested changes to send them to him.
  • Ballot material: Jason asked that we have all our input in prior to April 11th so that he can complete the work
  • Implementation Guide: Jason expressed the view that it would be helpful to have a balloted IG for the DSTU period, and estimated that about 10 pages need to be added. He asked for volunteers, without immediate response.
  • Test cases: Jason asked if there was interest in developing test cases. Its as agreed that test cases were not required for the ballot. Since ICH is planning to develop test cases for the DSTU period, Marc was tasked with reporting on their work in two weeks.


Review storyboards, submission message, model walkthrough and glossary.