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May 30, 2012 Education Telecon

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  • Chair - Melva Peters
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Diego Kaminker
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Mary Ann Boyle


  • Baltimore Tutorial Grid
    • all of the speakers and descriptions have been confirmed
Action: Mary Ann will send the tutorial outline to all speakers for the get updated versions
  • Tutorials
    • V3 Project Manager Tutorial
      • feedback from Marc Koehn
        • Audience has shifted from newbie managers to folks who have both positive and negative real world experience in V3 – this creates a shift in the content requirements for the course materials;
        • FHIR as a project / change vector places some of the V3 discussions on a difficult footing, particularly for management oriented individuals who are trying to understand where HL7 is heading – I think we need some clear guidance / slides on how to present the “change risk” that FHIR represents against existing V3-based standards initiatives;
        • The scheduling of the PM/V3 (i.e. high level) course on Tuesday (i.e. after the general V3 intro course(s)) creates a suboptimal situation for management folks who go to the detailed stuff on Monday and then attend the overview on Tuesday. Certainly for anyone who wants to go to both should go to the V3 implementation overview FIRST and more detailed V3 tutorials SECOND; we may want to address that in future scheduling;
      • not scheduled for Baltimore
      • consider including on Sunday for January 2013 - Mary Ann will determine if this is possible for January WGM
      • ask Marc to develop a revised lesson plan
Action: Melva will followup with Marc
    • UML Tutorials
      • there is a need to develop a tutorial related to UML and it's use in HL7
      • JD from SPARX requested a tutorial at the Vancouver meeting
Action: Patrick will work with JD to develop a lesson plan/tutorial for January 2013 WGM
  • Review/Approve Mission and Charter
    • the M&C was reviewed and updated in Vancouver and posted to the Education List
    • it was moved by Diego and seconded by AbdulMalik to approve the revised Mission and Charter
      • 2 for / 0 abstain / 0 against - Carried (Note: 1 participant had dropped off the call when this vote was taken)
Action:  Melva will forward to Lynn L.
  • Review/Approve SWOT
    • the SWOT analysis was reviewed and updated in Vancouver and posted to the Education List
    • it was proposed that an opportunity be added as a result of the hiring of the new Education Director
    • it was moved by AbdulMalik and seconded by Patrick to approve the revised SWOT analysis
      • 3 for / 0 abstain / 0 against - Carried (Note: 1 participant had rejoined the call when this vote was taken)
Action: Melva will post to Education page on and forward to Lynn L.
  • Review Vancouver WGM Minutes
    • Draft version has been posted to the Education WG Page on
    • any revisions, please forward to Melva
    • notes from the eLearning meeting with Affiliates were not included as this was not part of the Education official agenda, but for Baltimore it has been added
Action: Melva will post the notes from this meeting separately
  • eLearning Update
    • Canadian edition almost finished
    • International edition in Week 11
    • Spanish edition almost finished
    • HL7 Italy - will begin soon
  • NextGenU
    • Melva attended a call on May 29th, but there was no other attendance from HL7
    • there seems to be some confusion about what this organization wants - material or resources
    • we need to be aware of IP issues and need to involve HL7 International (with Board approval) before material is shared
    • another Teleconference will be scheduled. Melva will see if Mark MacDougall can attend
  • Request for auditing of tutorials
    • Patrick Loyd - all V2.x, V3 RIM and CDA Classes
    • any Education co-chair should be able to audit for the purposes of reviewing and QA
      • in the past a co-chair always sat in when there was a new speaker
Action: Patrick will develop a policy/procedures for requests/requirements for auditing
    • AMS would like to audit V2 Certification Prep tutorial - this will be considered when the new policy and procedures have been developed
  • Review of Project Status
    • RIM Test Update PSS (Virginia) Status/Approval
      • Melva will reach out to Virginia to get names/numbers of reviewers
Action:  Add to agenda for next call
    • The following projects are on hold waiting for new Director of Education to start:
      • Electronic Certification Testing PSS
    • Webinars Project Status
    • Certification Enhancement Project Status
    • Tutorial Tracking System Status
      • no progress
Action:  AMS will draft PSS and post to list serve to be discussed on next teleconference

Any other Business

  • Next Meeting is scheduled for June 13th