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May 18, 2016 Education Telecon

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  • Virginia Lorenzi - Chair
  • Fernando Campos
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Mike Henderson
  • Sharon Chaplock
  • Melissa Mendivil
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Melanie Hilliard


  • Met


WGM Summary and Next Steps/Wrap Up

  • DMP
    • Changed DMP to include staff - now staff have votes as well and can be included in quorum
  • Professional Certification
    • Analysis being done to see if there is industry interest in certification
    • 400 people participated - overwhelming majority in favor
    • Certification must be maintained through continuing education
  • WG Transformation
    • Vote was to not tranform - we will stay as a WG
  • Additional Items worked on
    • Career Advancement Matrix
  • Dashboard
    • Simple excel spreadsheet that we create metrics on monthly basis for tracking tutorial access. This will help us determine what classes will have the most draw when we plan events.
    • Discussion around what type of data we collect around the date/time/people who are searching these courses
    • Largest landing pages are standards downloads - can we link to these?
  • One-day events PSS
    • One day event in a local community sponsored by HL7, where we conduct training. Not for a closed group - both groups can reach out to local community to get engaged. Cheaper pricing than WGM. Scope Statement was approved.
  • Arden Syntax
    • Sharon working on this
  • Other Items
    • FHIR Certification in the works
  • Tutorial Blurbs and other September WGM items
    • Blurbs need to be reviewed so they can be published for the WGM
    • Digital badge program very successful
    • Sharon working on Intro to Standards courses and "lite" versions for clinicians - geared toward a different audience.
  • Adjournment 5:06 pm

Action Items

  • Virginia to reach out to Steering Committee for vote on One Day local Event initiative
  • Sharon will follow up with Graham on FHIR certification
  • Sharon will check to see what v2 tracks we have that we might leverage for clinicians