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March 8, 2016 Security Conference Call

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x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Kathleen ConnorSecurity Co-chair . Duane DeCouteau . Chris Clark
. John MoehrkeSecurity Co-chair . Johnathan Coleman . Aaron Seib
. Alexander Mense Security Co-chair . Ken Salyards . Christopher D Brown TX
. Trish WilliamsSecurity Co-chair . Gary Dickinson x Dave Silver
x Mike Davis . Ioana Singureanu . Mohammed Jafari
Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Rob Horn . Galen Mulrooney
x Diana Proud-Madruga . Ken Rubin . William Kinsley
x Rick Grow . Paul Knapp x Mayada Abdulmannan
x Glen Marshall, SRS . Bill Kleinebecker x Christopher Shawn
. Oliver Lawless . ... . Serafina Versaggi
X Beth Pumo . Russell McDonell . Paul Petronelli , Mobile Health
. Christopher Doss . Kamalini Vaidya . [mailto: Stephanie Dyke ] X Richard Grow

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Agenda DRAFT

  1. ( 5 min) Roll Call, Agenda Approval
  2. ( 5 min) Approve March 1, 2016 Security WG Conference Call Minutes
  3. ( 5 min) Call for comments on ISO 21298 HI - Functional and structural roles - Rick G.
  4. ( 5 min) PASS Access Control Services Conceptual Model - Diana
  5. ( 5 min) Joint Vocabulary Alignment Update - Diana
  6. ( 5 min) PASS Audit Conceptual Model – Diana
  7. ( 5 min) FHIR Security report out - John
    • Any changes expecting to be tested at the next FHIR Connectathon need to be submitted into the build by March 27th.

Note that there will be a FHIR Security call at 2pm PT/5pm ET See agenda at FHIR Security Agenda


  1. Kathleen chaired. Approved Agenda and Security WG March 8 Minutes
  2. Discuss any comments on Draft ISO 21089 Health informatics - Trusted (Mike)

end-to-end information flows for submission by 215 National Member Bodies. Appendices include FHIR Record Lifecycle Event Implementation Guide from FHIR DSTU-2

  • Discussion on EHR WKGP/FHIR Record cycle events
  • Comments were accepted by EHR WKG
  • Based on FHIR second edition (Document was shared on screen)
  • Review of Appendix A (Healthcare Interoperability Examples)
  • Comments, Mike:
    • No copy right notices regarding HL7 Material 2) Appendix B Life Cycle Mta Data Capture; Rick and Mike reviewed and found the table to be confusing The W5 is highlighted
    • Not clear what action or performers are recording Record Author User, or Record by Author User? Is this an action performer, needs further clarity by Gary.
    • Question if Audit Event is a Column heading or description, the layout is not clear Note: Gary is creator of the table confirmed by Diana) difficulty understanding the table for W5 3) Appendix B, Questions on coding 4) to Change Record to Record life cycle event
    • Note: The appendices were copied from the FHIR implementation guide

Governance and IP concerns – Mike:

  • Draft has been presented to U.S Tag TC215, which has only two members from HL7 Security WG
    • Gary informed it has been submitted and HL7 does not have the right to comment but can see parts of the appendices
    • Rick asked since HL7 is an ISO specification, HL7 should be able to participate?
    • Diana is waiting to hear from TC215 Secretary to obtain details on how Hl7 can participate
    • According to Gary the appendicitis are copied from the FHIR implementation guide, part of DSTU- Diana
    • Initial ballot is in May, and Official Ballet is in July
  • Action Item: (Kathleen) - Request review of governance concerns to HL7 Standards Governance Board and IP issues with Karen Van Hentenryck

Mike moved to approve action item. Glen seconded. 9-0-0

  • Next Steps:
  • HL7 chairs would let him know we would appreciate more input (Mike)
  1. Review HL7 2017 ONC Interoperability Standards Advisory Cover Letter and HL7 2017 ONC Interoperability Standards Advisory draft recommendations. WG had no new update, no new issues.
  2. Health Care Privacy Security by Design – Rob Grow
  • WG discussed ambiguities about the nature of the final deliverable, e.g. is it a conceptual model, a platform independent IG? Item deferred until further discussion with ARB, and incorporation of input from Security WG wrt to actual deliverable. Rick will send invite to that discussion to the WG.
  1. Joint Vocabulary Alignment Update – Diana: Meetings will resume next week
  2. PASS Access Control Conceptual Model – Diana: Still waiting to hear back from Alex on the withdrawal of Bernd’s negative vote, will reach out to Alex.
  3. PASS Audit Conceptual Model – Diana: Functional Model is available. New material: We have detailed requirements on high level audit requirements surrounding the service
  4. FHIR Security report out - John
  • Approvals of CP's
  • Approved CPS are updates
  • Signature is now in discussion