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March 31st 2009 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting


  1. Ioana Singureanu Scribe
  2. Suzanne Gonzales-Webb - CBCC Co-chair
  3. Richard Thoreson - CBCC co-chair, chair
  4. Tony Weida
  5. Rob McClure
  6. Steven Connoly
  7. John Moehrke
  8. Russ Hamm
  9. Craig Winter
  10. Kathleen Connor


Meeting started at 2:35 pm

  1. (5 min) Roll Call
  2. Meeting Minutes approval:(unanimously); Agenda approval (unanimously ):
  3. (10 min) Approval of Security Domain Analysis Project as revised
    1. Motion#1 (Suzanne/John)unanimous: The project scope statement was revised during the Security Call
  4. (10 min) Ballot review Composite Privacy Consent Directive

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