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March 28 - Refine plans for Medications

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  • Stephen Chu (chair & scribe)
  • Emma Jones
  • Rob Hausem
  • Melva Peters

Meeting Notes

  • Primary objective of Clinician-on-FHIR discussed:
- To test the clinical fitness for purpose (quality, adequacy, etc) of all clinical and related administrative FHIR resources
- Melva indicated that she and Pharmacy group have created 100+ clinical examples to test the quality and adequacy of FHIR Medication resources. These examples are included in the FHIR Medication resources documentation and available for users to review and use
- The next priority for the Pharmacy WG is to test the use of Medication resources in clinical workflows (e.g. medication management, medication reconciliation, use of medication list, etc)
  • Second objective of Clinician-on-FHIR is to test use of clinical and related administrative FHIR resources in clinical workflows
- The"Scenario Builder" functionality of clinFHIR ( has the feature of a graphic view that may help/be used in testing FHIR resources in workflow scenarios
- It will be useful to test the new Scenario Builder functionality and take recommendations/suggestions to David Hay at 11 April conference call
  • May 2017 Clinician-on-FHIR Medication track:
- Two options are suggested for consideration
# Test medication reconciliation workflow and related Medication resources (this will require building of some medication history data, e.g. multiple medication list)
# Contribute to testing of Medication resources in other tracks, e.g. Care Plan, Adverse Event tracks
- Preferred option to be determine through more detailed considerations and discussions.