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March 28, 2017 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information

NEW AUDIO and MEETING LINK (starting 3/28/2017)

Dial-in Number:  (515) 604-9861;  Access Code: 429554
* Online Meeting Link:  
* Click on Join an Online Meeting
* at Join Meeting Enter Online Meeting ID:  cbhs 
* Enter Name, e-mail if prompted
* Run the FCC_Installer if prompted


Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
. Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCC Co-Chair x David Pyke CBCC Co-Chair
x Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair . Mike Davis . John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Diana Proud-Madruga SOA Co-Chair
. Mohammed Jafari x Rick Grow . Glen Marshall . Ken Salyards
. Ken Sinn x David Staggs . Steve Eichner x Beth Pumo
. Chris Shawn . Ioana Singureanu . Neelima Chennamaraja . Joe Lamy
. Joseph Quinn . David Tao, Mobile Health . Nathan Botts, Mobile Health x Milo Janowski, Abbvie Pharmaceutical company]

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Agenda
  2. Approve Meeting Minutes
  3. (05 min) PASS Audit - Diana
  4. (05 min) Security and Privacy Impact Assessment Cookbook (SPIA)
  5. (05 min) Post HIMSS Meeting, after Action Report and To-DO list - MDavis, KSalyards
  6. (05 min) FHIR Consent Issue Resolution FRIDAY call update discussion reminder
  7. NOTE: May WGM DRAFT Agenda created, Joint Meetings were entered based on the HL7 Meeting room invites.
    1. New Project NIBs? May 2017 Ballot Cycle

Please contact a CBCC Co-chair if you wish to add agenda items! Thank you!


Meeting Recording

Agenda, Meeting Minutes Approved

NOTE: RE: New Audio and Meeting Link Information:
from Dave Hamill (Noted Privacy concern)
* ...the Usage Report (aka Detail Report) that FCC sends out to the listserv after each call will contain the phone number(s) for those that dial into the call(you can see a sample of the report in Section 10 of the Tip Sheet).   One way to avoid this is to connect to the call using VOIP.   You’ll see in the usage report that names and email addresses are associated with the VOIP connectors (and I think email address is an optional field upon joining a call).

PASS Audit

  • 95% of comments completed
  • still working oon VA comments, anticipate completion
  • Diana is on vacation until April 17, will pick up


  • Project scope statement has been approved by SD
  • moving forward to TSC


  • Not much to report since last week
  • SGV still discussing issues
  • working with Anne Wizauer, to resolve
  • POC after today is Mike Davis; questions should be directed to him

FHIR Consent Issues

  • e-mail sent to co-chairs
  • Friday Meeting
    • looking at more information regarding use cases
    • extended discussion on role the FHIR resources take
    • specifically around signature--would provenance resource signature work (?)
    • or the consent source attachment; where attachment would have document or wet signature (recommend consulting with Italy regarding
    • consent resource was not anther way to do document discovery
    • David talked to Patient Care WG; with interest in joining to discuss advance directive and treatment needs
      • Jay Lyle reaching out to VA folk--
    • not heard back from either research groups; David has sent e-mail to co-chairs (information, RCRIM, BRIDG...)
    • working on treatment and advance directive use cases which is plenty of work

CBCC Meeting - Madrid, Spain

  • unknown who from CBCC will be attending other than David

Please contact David Pyke for agenda items

Meeting Adjourned at 1128 AZT