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March 28, 2012 Education Telecon

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  • Chair - Melva Peters
  • John Ritter
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Fernando Campos
  • Mary Ann Boyle


  • eLearning Update
    • The international edition started 2 weeks ago. There are 260 students (25 scholarships) and four new tutors in training.
    • The first Canadian edition is now running. They have finished the first module. They will take one week off because of the easter holiday and they will continue with the V2x module.
    • The two thousand and twelfth Romanian edition is in unit 9.
    • The sixth India edition is in the V2x module.
    • Courses ready to start.
      • The Spanish edition starts on April 15th.
      • HL7 Pakistan is planning to launch the eLearning course in April also in joint collaboration with HL7 Argentina
      • HL7 Italy will do the same but probably in June.
  • Review of Project Status
    • RIM Test Update PSS (Virginia) Status/Approval
      • Virginia has been in contact with MnM
      • ACTION: Include on next agenda
    • Discussion of Balloting 101 Tutorial PSS Approval
      • Moved by AbdulMalik - seconded by John Ritter to approve Education WG as a co-sponsor of this project
      • Publishing has also been added as a co-sponsor
      • Carried (3/0/0)
    • Electronic Certification Testing PSS Approval
      • Review of Project Scope Statement
        • Developing the online version of these test -
        • Will ES be involved in the development of the tests - no likely
        • Add - Work through HQ to develop approach and budget
        • Handout materials - will this material be available? Yes, they have to be
        • John Ritter moved and - AbdulMalki seconded to approve this project scope statement with the addition of the task to develop approach and budget
        • 3/0/0 - CARRIED
        • ACTION: Melva will post to SD list for approval on next SD call
    • Preparation material - could consider putting that into a Moodle course
      • Fercam suggested we considered putting preparation material for certification exams into an online format
      • this will be considered for a future project
    • Webinars Project Status
      • no update
    • Certification Enhancement Project Status - deferred
    • Tutorial Tracking System Status
      • Melva posted the requirements to the Wiki
      • there has been a number of postings as a result with
      • Tim Benson provided some diagrams - AMS will put into EA
      • will put requirements in to the EA and will capture the use cases
      • 2 part project - collect the data interested in querying - for most we have a system to capture the data
        • which data already exists in a system - for those that don't have a system - put in a data collection mechanism
        • 2nd part - BI project - take the data and put into a repository to be able to do analysis
      • suggested that AMS reach out to Heather Grain - she indicated in San Antonio that Standards Australia is using a system that might meet similar requirements
  • Education for Nurses and other Care Providers
    • Pat Van Dyke - has been helping to host a Nurses Breakfast meeting
    • Mark is reaching out to Pat and Gaye
    • John suggested send note out to those leading the work - Education Group hoping to support the development of education for nurses
      • Raised during breakfast at next AGM and bring back any ideas to Education
    • HL7 Strategic Initiative Document -
    • secondary level of stakeholders - nurses - what education and standards do nurses need
    • Has Marketing been involved in identifying the stakeholders?
    • Don Mon raised this as a priority from a Board perspective
    • Are there other stakeholders that need to be reached out to?
      • Other stakeholders - statisticians, academics, implementers, and others
      • should be left to Marketing to segment and then we will take
      • ACTION: include as a discussion with Marketing during Joint meeting
  • Planning
    • WGM Agenda
      • Please send any ideas for topics to the List

Any other Business

  • Next Meeting April 11, 2012 at 10am Eastern