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March 23, 2016 Education Telecon

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Special Call In Info for this Meeting

  • Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (408) 650-3123

  • Access Code: 479-674-357


  • Melissa Mendivil - Optum
  • Virginia Lorenzi (Chair)
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HL7 HQ)
  • Sharon Chaplock (HL7 HQ)
  • Marcelo Lopetegui
  • Heather Grain


  • Yes


Update on Mobile Question App

  • Marcelo demoed his ontology based quiz app functionality. Sharon recorded the demo so others could view it. The demo was well received. However, Marcelo has looked at the FHIR ontology and was not able to make good questions from it since its very flat. He is now going to review the CDA ontology and get back to us.
  • Here is a link to the demo recording:

  • Sharon noted that we would want the questions generated but would not need the app part since we already signed a contract with Qstream
  • This is an important initiative for headquarters - need an instance live by September.
  • Melissa expressed a possible interest in beta testing.

EHR Tutorial Update

(Prior Action Item: Education WG to review Tutorial Specification and provide feedback to Reed)

  • Have not heard back - Virginia to follow up.

Tutorial Grid/Review Process for Sept WGM

  • (Last status: Process distributed to list - Virginia to assemble feedback)
  • Virginia did a basic review of the process document and the review template. She noted that the only feedback received was that a peer reviewer should sit in on a lecture (from Rene). Group agreed to review it for the next meeting. Also, Mary Ann will suggest a work flow/timeline for it with milestones.

Certification Update

  • Report on Professional Certification

Survey in progress. Reminded people to participate.

  • Report on Arden Syntax

waiting on Arden group.

Update on Proposed Tools Webinars/Tutorials

  • Status on Kai's tutorial spec review

No discussed

Headquarters Updates and Requests - Sharon/Mary Ann/Melanie

  • Key Initiatives for 2016, status on Path to FHIR training documentation

Registration is open for online FHIR course. Working on Learning Path Matrix for Career Advancement to help people plan their training strategy in HL7 - Melva sent request for input on the web "crowd sourcing" feedback. Asking everyone to label tutorials as Entry, Intermediate, or Advanced. Benefactor and Gold member Case Study webinars are being planned.

Discussion of Implementation Workshops

Ed Summit in Boston was FHIR only - had 26 attendees.

Ideas for Webinars/Ed Summits and how to get more

Education dashboard/metrics (Deferred)

  • Inventory of Tutorials and Tutorial Specifications


  • Meeting Adjourned at 5:05 Eastern.