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March 22nd 2017 Education Telecon

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  • Approve prior minutes and review agenda
  • Certification Status:
    • Review the Updated FHIR Cert PSSes.
      • Note: Some dates still need to be reviewed by FMG and Implementer's Committee will continue to review Credentialing one.
  • Madrid check in
  • Planning Sept grid
  • Review Education Dashboard
  • HL7 Education for Clinicians - status
  • Approve Ed2Go Questions
  • Approve v2.8 Study Guide
  • Report from HQ and others on active education initiatives from ed and marketing perspective

Call to Order

  • Call info: Wednesday, 4PM EDT Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 447895

GotoMeeting for HL7 Education:

  • Attendees: Sharon Kayne Chaplock, MaryAnne Boyle, Virginia Lorenzi, Melissa Mendivil, Fernando Campos, Susan Fenton

Meeting Minutes

Welcome Susan Fenton!

  • Susan is the Associate Dean for Education in Medical Informatics at UT.
  • Susan would like to know more about providing materials for instruction program in Medical Informatics - perhaps a train the trainer type program?
  • Mary Anne: Karen Van Hentenryck may be able to assist Susan with this request, we can make that introduction.
  • Melissa: How does HL7 fit into your program? Susan: Applied students will touch HL7 twice - 1 week on HL7 and 1 course entirely on standards.
  • Virginia has been encountering instructors of HL7 at Educational Institutions, Susan suggested that with a formal program, these instructors could be trained to instruct on HL7 approved material.
  • Virginia: We have a tutorial in Madrid related to HL7 Education at the University level - perhaps we can make this a webinar?

Approval of prior minutes:

  • Since our meetings have been sporadic since the January WGM, we will review offline and come to next meeting with notes which need to be approved.

Certification Status/PSS:

  • Melissa: Can we push out the FHIR certificate of knowledge now?
  • Virginia: We need to confirm with Grahame that the FHIR Management Group has the CoK completed.
  • We'll need to stand up a credentialing program to go with the more heavy weight FHIR test.

Madrid Check in:

  • Melissa, Fernando and Diego will be going to Madrid. 80 people registered so far.

Planning September Grid:

  • Mary Ann: We have 5 empty spots we can take advantage of for new classes.
  • To fill the empty slots for rooms in Sept, we can check our Education Ideas for new classes
  • Maybe in SD we offer FHIR for Clinicians and Decision Makers
  • If we have the FHIR CoK test done, we could offer the test prep and exam at the September WGM
  • Fernando: Education idea: Webinar or tutorial on differences between DTSU 2 and 3
  • Virginia: Education idea : Webinar or tutorial on Argonaut Spec
  • Melissa: if we can agree on the Newcomer's Webinar syllabus, we can move forward with getting this done for San Diego WGM

Approve 2.8 Study Guide

  • V2.8 Study Guide has been approved, so we can move forward on this for September - Melissa should notify the Standards group of the error she found in the 2.8 specification.

Approve Ed2Go Questions

  • Melissa and Fernando commit to give feedback by next meeting.

HL7 for Clinicians

  • David Hayes is teaching FHIR for Clinicians and Non-Technical Decision Makers in Madrid.
  • We meet with CIC tomorrow to continue discussions with Anita Walden.
  • HL7 for Clinicians - Susan would be willing to review any new syllabus we propose
  • Susan recommended that such a course relate overarching concepts of a clinician's work and how they connect to HL7 and also what are the different parts of HL7 and where might I (the clinician) encounter them? Also provide learner with ability to negotiate health IT contracts and play hardball with HIT vendors related to standards requirements. Help them learner "know what they do't know"

Action Items

  • Review Meeting minutes offline to see which need approved
  • Virginia will follow up with FMG to see if we can move forward on the CoK for FHIR
  • Virginia will review the Newcomer Webinar syllabus to approve
  • Melissa to review the v2 Ed2Go Question, Fernando will also review for next meeting
  • Melissa will send error found in 2.8 Std to INF WG co chairs.

Melissa moves to adjourn Mary Ann seconds

Meeting adjourned at 5:09 pm EST

Next Meeting Date and Time: 4/5/17 4:00 pm EST Location: conference call Agenda: TBD