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March 10,2015 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information


Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair . Mike Davis Security Co-Chair x Steve Eichner
x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair x John Moehrke . [.]
x Jim Kretz CBCC Co-Chair . Lori Simon . Paul Knapp
. Max Walker CBCC Co-Chair . Mohammed Jafari . Harry Rhodes
x Kathleen Connor . Ioana Singureanu . Tony Weida
x Diana Proud-Madruga . Steve Daviss . Wende Baker
x Serafina Versaggi . Marlowe Greenberg . Chris Clark, WV
x Rick Grow . Matt Peeling . Brian Newton
x Lisa Nelson x Mike Lardiere . Amanda Nash
x Ken Salyards . Oliver Lawless .
x Neelima Chennamaraja x Susan Litton . [mailto: Bill Kinsley]
x Chirag Bhatt x Lloyd McKenzie . [.

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1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Meeting Minutes from March 03 ]

2. (25 min) Security and Privacy Patient Friendly Natural Language for Consent Directives - Update

  • Review of example consent flow diagram, updates to IG
  • Name Change: tentative alternative proposed for NIB: Patient Friendly Language for Healthcare Privacy and Security User Interfaces (propose that CBCC members vote on new name next CBCC meeting)

3.(20 min) Data Provenance -

4. (05 min) Action Item Review if any Should CBCC defer discusion on Lloyd's objections to FHIR Consent Directive profile (Note: this is not the one approved previously by CBCC), until the approved profile has been submitted to the continuous integration build.

5. (05 min) HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA Release 2: Privacy Consent Directives, Release 1 - Ballot Reconciliation Update

Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Meeting Minutes and Agenda

1 Abstention; 12 Approve the meeting minutes from March 3.

Security and Privacy Patient Friendly Natural Language for Consent Directives - Update

  • Diana and Rick created a couple of new Visio process flow diagrams that show how a patient would navigate through an example patient friendly consent directive according to their choices to share all, share none, or share some of their health information.
    • They presented these diagrams during today's meeting, and received constructive feedback from John Moehrke, Steve Eichner and Susan Litton.
    • The diagrams were emailed to the CBCC listserv for review and comment from WG members. Based on the feedback received during today's meeting, Diana will be modifying the diagram.

Data Provenance

Objections: none, Abstentions: none, Passes: 12

  • There are a couple of remaining dispositions to approve before completing the ballot reconciliation, but this requires Keith Boone's attendance at a CBCC meeting going forward.

ACTION ITEM: Suzanne - Send an invite to Keith requesting his attendance at next week's CBCC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1200 PDT