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MHWG Low to Medium Income Countries

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Rural/LMIC Sub-Workgroup

Rural/LMIC Purpose: The purpose of the HL7 mobile health (mHealth) Rural/"Low to Medium Income Countries" (LMIC) sub-workgroup (SWG) is to help leverage standardized health information technologies such as those promoted by HL7 to help increase the quality and safety of healthcare within LMIC settings. It has been identified that some Rural/LMIC settings have nascent approaches to collecting, sharing, and receiving health-related information. Rural/LMIC settings can benefit from a set of standards-based guidelines and resources that will help promote interoperable mHealth-based solutions. This approach may help reduce the number of ad-hoc, proprietary, and/or silo-ed approaches present in the marketplace and promote more scalable and interoperable solutions for providing healthcare services.

Active Members:

  • Nathan Botts (Subworkgroup Lead)
  • Jeff Brandt
  • Chris Doss
  • Gora Datta
  • Finnie Flores
  • Tammara Jean Paul
  • Vannak Kann
  • Beatriz Leao
  • Nadine Manjaro
  • Tim McKay
  • Jonathan Payne
  • John Ritter
  • Harry Rhodes

Meeting Times:

  • Mondays @ 11am ET Weekly
  • Phone: 1-770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 465623
  • Web Sharing: Meeting ID: 914-595-256

HL7 Mobile Health Webpage:

mHealth for Rural/LMIC Documents

Rural/LMIC Current Meeting Minutes

Project Scope Statement

Rural/LMIC Use Case Documents