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Linking and Unlinking of Roles in Registries

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Summary: this page contains a proposal to change the Person registry static models with regard to the linking of person records. The proposal effectively also applies to any other role based registry, it's an example of a Design Patterns for RIM Models.

Note: the HL7 Norway wiki is being migrated, some images/links are still missing. 


This page proposes a number of changes:

  1. See [1] for documentation of the modeling principles used to link Person Records - this model is the outcome of prior discussions (see above for a link to the documentation associated with that discussion)
  2. PA D-MIM: add identifiedBy and OtherIdentifiedPerson classes, as shown in the R-MIM model on this wiki page: [2].
    • Discussion PA Sept. 1011: in UV model, add optional recursive RoleLink IDENT on OtherIdentifiedperson. Helen: add recursion on IdentifiedPerson ? Rene: has the effect that scoper becomes required for all roles in the IDENT link. Helen: or make scoper of IdentifiedPerson optional ? Rene: ask MnM and PA lists. ACTION Jay to do so.
  3. Add an R-MIM and interaction for a new LinkPersonRecords interaction with an application acknowledgement, see [3]
  4. Add an R-MIM and interaction for a new UnlinkPersonRecords interaction with an application acknowledgement, see [4].
  5. Add the identifiedBy and OtherIdentifiedPerson classes to the response interaction of the GetPersondemographics interaction, to expose any linkages in the response, see [5]
  6. Discuss whether the guidance provided in the Norwegian project related to the collapsing (transitivity of) linkages in section [6] is universallay applicable or whether such guidance is project specific.

PA Sept 2011: request to send link to Norwegian wiki to PA list.

PA MOTION: (see minutes) PA agrees with direction.