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June 2nd 2009 Security Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

==Attendees== (expected)


  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Accept Agenda (Minutes from previous meeting are not ready to be reviewed for approval)
  2. (05 min) Risk Assessment Document Reminder: Please turn in any comments to Suzanne before the end of this week.
  3. (15 min) September 2009 Balloting Schedule - Important Dates Ballot Countdown Dates
  • Notification of Intent to Ballot Deadline - For this cycle, the deadline to complete the online Notification of Intent to Ballot form is Sunday, July 5th
  • Sunday, July 12th Initial Content deadline – First preview of artifacts and topics to be included in ballot
  • Sunday, July 19th Preview and CMET Content deadline – All content for preview is due. All CMET content is due. Preview site opens. (For Normative Ballots Only – 2 weeks before opening, complete all reconciliation activities)
  • Sunday, July 26th Supporting Content deadline – Must complete ballot reconciliation and submit all graphics.
  • August 2nd Final Content deadline – Any content to be balloted must be complete by this date
  • August 10th September 2009 Ballot opens for voting this week. Please note that Monday, August 10, 2009 is the earliest date on which voting will begin, the actual start date may be delayed by up to 5 days.
  1. (25 min) RBAC Object Vocabulary - Mapping of Object Vocabulary to HL7 EHR Functional Model

initial attempt at mapping the Direct Care section of the EHR Functional Model to the Object Vocabulary.

In an effort to make the spreadsheet easier to read and understand, David has followed the following formatting conventions:

  • Numbered items from the model are separated by double lines.
  • Gray shading is used to indicate that additional lines have been added for particular items
  • Additional record types suggested by the Chapter 3 EHR FM document appear on separate lines from mappings to the existing Object Vocabulary, except for a few cases where possible name changes are suggested. These possible name changes appear in italics.
  • Some items in the “Chapter Three: Direct Care Functions” document do not have anything in the “Statement/Description” column. These items are marked with yellow shading. No mappings were made for these items, since mappings were made for their (presumably more specific) descendants.
  • Columns A-F are hidden, but they can shown if that representation of the items or functions is preferred to the representation in Column G.
  • Column H, which is intended to represent mappings of ERH functions to “workflows” from the Object Vocabulary, is also hidden because I was not able to find many such mappings.
  1. (5 min) Other Business

Action Items

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