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June 19, 2015 PASS Access Control Services Conceptual Model Sub-Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information

Join online meeting https://meet.RTC.VA.GOV/diana.proud-madruga/Z4WWM0ZV

Join by Phone 1-855-767-1051 Conference ID: 70292751


Review/Update PSS

Meeting Minutes

Diana and Don went through the PSS template and made some updates. The following questions were sent to Lynn Laasko:

  1. Do we need to word the updated PSS specifically for the PASS Access Control deliverable as opposed to keeping the PSS general to all of PASS? The original PSS that I have covers all of PASS, including PASS Access Control and PASS Audit. The document that we are currently looking to take to normative is the PASS Access Control Conceptual Model deliverable from the original PSS.
  2. Can you submit the NIB before we have the updated PSS approved by the TSC or do you need to wait until we have the updated/approved PSS?
  3. Is there a consequence if we don’t take this to Normative ballot in the Sept. cycle? When Don and I got to the schedule constraints section of the PSS, this question came up. Don is under the impression that there is a consequence if this doesn’t happen but he wasn’t sure.

Lynn's responses were:

  1. I think, that for HQ recordkeeping, we should probably bring each PASS element normative on a separate PSS so we can ensure we adhere to the various timelines. For example when a normative notification is received and approved by the TSC, the Work Group has 18 months to bring the project to ballot. Once balloted at normative level, the Work Group has 12 months to publish. If we are tracking multiple deliverables on the same project number we risk losing track of one of them.
  2. You can submit the NIB before we have the updated PSS approved by the TSC. I will create it for now since the Out Of Cycle ballot will prevent you from being able to open one right now. I will follow up with you for additional information needed on the NIB, like "changes since last release"
  3. If you don't take it to ballot in October you will have to update the NIB in a future cycle sometime before either September 2016 or January 2017. You will have 18 months to bring it to normative ballot from the time the normative notification is approved.

Next Steps:

  • Diana continuing to update the PSS and will forward it to all WGs
  • Diana will send out meeting invite to additional folks who wish to participate.
  • Don will reach out to Pat Pyette.
  • When available, Don will submit the updated PSS to the TSC.