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July 30, 2014 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Ken Chen (Scribe)
  • Mary Ann Boyle - HL7 Manager
  • Sharon Chaplock - HL7 Director
  • Diego Kaminker - HL7 Argentina
  • Melissa Bundy - Lantana
  • Eric Powers

Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Paris Tutorials - May 2015

  • Need to consider if there are tutorials of interest
Action:  Mary Ann/Sharon continue to reach out to Nicolais Canu/John Ritter  to determine if there are topics that would be of interest
Action:  Mary Ann to reach out to Diego to see if there are other ideas from International Mentoring


  • SAIF Webinar
    • will be recorded at the WGM
    • Feb 5, 2014: Ron's day job interfered with his available time to record. He is looking to reschedule but no word yet.
    • May 21, 2014: Ron still has not had the time to engage the SAIF Webinar
    • June 4: No updates since last conference call, Melva will continue to follow up
Action item: Melva follow up with Lorraine again about SAIF Webinar

September 2014 WGM Tutorial Grid

File:Copy of Sept 2014 preliminary tutorial grid.xlsx

  • WGM Tutorial Grid Finalized for Chicago and is posted on the HL7 WGM Chicago website.

Discussion of Certification Exams and Ed Summits

  • v2 Workshop Project
    • Melva has reached out to Patrick but no new updates.
    • Diego might take on this project depending if Patrick has the bandwidth to complete it.
    • Patrick will join an Education teleconference in August to discuss further

Updates to the Certification exams

  • Sharon has analyzed the certifications and will need to possibly revise the questions.
  • Sharon would like to create a taskforce to review the questions on the exams.
    • Qualifications needed to be on the taskforce:
      • The group will be comprised of volunteers from the tutorial speaker pool to review the certification exam
      • Must have attended/audit the actual tutorial
      • Must be approved by the Education Committee
    • Sharon is working on an outline for a plan and guidelines for updates to existing and also for developing FHIR into a Certification Exam
    • Will bring back more information after meeting with Melva, Sharon and Mary Ann in August
Action: Sharon has drafted the process and will continue to work on the planning of a group to review the material.
Action: Ken will sent comments about draft for certification.

Webinar Planning for 2015

  • Discussion of proposed webinar topics for 2015
    • Melva has sent out an email to the list
    • Sharon has received a comment request for FHIR tutorials
    • Melva created a wiki page for Webinars topics and would like ideas for next year.

WGM Planning

  • Quarters - Monday Q3 and Q4, Thursday Q1 and Q2
    • Melva will be unable to attend WGM on Thursday Q1 and Q2
    • Melva posted the agenda for WGM on Wiki
    • Deigo would like to talk about a Video tutorial for the Fundamentals course at WGM Monday afternoon.
Action item: Melva will update the WGM agenda for Diego's request for Monday afternoon's meeting.

Certification Exam Time

  • Sharon said HL7 Spain asked more testing time for the certification exams. Currently the testing time is 2 hours and the testers are having a difficult time with the english items
  • Agenda time added for September WGM

Translation of Certification Exams

  • Sharon suggested possibility of created a spanish version of the certification exams to help with comprehension.
  • Agenda time added for September WGM

Current resources and reading material

  • Will look at the list to determine how we can use it
    • Ken is still working on a the list. As soon as it is completed, we will place it as an agenda item.
    • Still compiling list but researching a possible open source library software called Koha.
    • Ken Chen is still working on the resource list. Koha software may not be an option since the only modules that would be only use is Cataloging and Serials.
Action item: Ken will generate the resource list first then add this to the next WGM Q1/Q2 agenda item for discussion. 


  • Mary Ann has 223 registered for E-Fundamentals course for next August.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting - August 13, 2014 at 11am Eastern