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July 23, 2013 Security WG Conference Call

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  • Mike Davis
  • Brian Handspicker
  • Mohammad Jafari
  • Diana Proud-Madruga
  • Tony Weida
  • Kate Weatherby
  • Trish Williams

Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda: Mike Davis took role. There was no agenda posted for this week.

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Security and Privacy Ontology Ballot Reconciliation Reconciliation of the Security and Privacy Ontology ballot is due Sunday, July 28, 2013. Tony Weida presented his responses to the last few comments from Berndt. Tony has made several attempts to contact Berndt with regard to the disposition of his comments without success. In the absence of additional input from Berndt, the Security WG has decided to accept Tony’s recommendations regarding the disposition of Berndt’s comments.

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Addressed comments on:

  • The effort to define a particular ontology for the operation hierarchy in the RBAC catalog – Deferred to a later opportunity due to the amount of discussion remaining on that point.
  • Relationships between pairs of classes – Deferred for future use
  • Clinical conditions ontology as a deterministic way to recognizing access control needs given a clinical condition and define the interaction – Recommend that the specification continue to recommend the use of SNOWMED for things like clinical conditions even though for IP reasons we cannot build it into the ontology. Based on HCS, extend the sample of clinical conditions to clinical facts and add some rules which show how we can meet the goal of inferring access controls from clinical facts.
  • Tony’s comment on name collisions of classes – Tony is fine with this comment being withdrawn.
  • Integration of BFO and SOA Ontologies – Recommend mapping them with the Security and Privacy Ontology but not integrating them with it.

Motion to approve the reconciliation as presented made by Trish Williams and seconded by Diana Proud-Madruga. Approved by unanimous consent.

HCS Ballot Reconciliation Due to the fact that Kathleen Connor was not on the call, Mike recommends that the remaining comments needing reconciliation be handled via email.

Meeting adjourned 5:30 EDT.

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