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July 09, 2013 DS4P Joint Project

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Data Segmentation for Privacy

Meeting Information

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1. Roll Call, Agenda, Meeting Minutes

2. Implementation Guide Update

3. Notification of Intent to Ballot Security and Ontology

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Meeting Minutes

Implementation Guide - The meeting started with Ioana providing an update on the implementation guide. Following issues/recommendations were discussed:

Ioana volunteered to integrate the process and will put the sections together as members of the group send work to her. – Send her text in word and she will transpose the information into the document.

Templates- Chapter 2 – Templates – If anyone has a better way of presenting or producing templates, please let everyone know and send the information to Ioana. They have already added constraint and provenance templates. It is clickable directly to the website that contains the template documents.

Non Re-disclosure Entry- Note concerning the ways to implement the non-re-disclosure entry. There are optional ways to implement this:

1. Create a sub section on confidentiality of non-re-disclosure entry

2. Interpret these as other options and display them as a clickable acknowledge on the screen. That way you know that you are fulfilling the requirements of the privacy policies.

Document Size- Ioana suggests starting with three modules and if necessary we can go with two using one of the two suggestions below:

1. The two transport as standalone modules and;

2. Option of clearly merging them into two IGS that have the content profile that have the direct and exchange transports respectively.

Notification of Intent to Ballot (NIB) Security and Ontology - Mike submitted the intent to ballot for the September ballot, but there is a requirement that we have a memorandum from ONC to HL7 submitted to Karen Van Hendrick. Mike was able to submit the NIB, but the letter is needed prior to the ballot. Jonathan volunteered to draft the memorandum.

Action Items

1. Send all work involving the implementation guide to Ioana in word format. She is going to lead the process by transposing the information into the main document. Feel free to provide diagrams and graphics as those can be included as well.

2. If anyone in the group knows a better way of handling the templates section of the document, please contact Ioana.

3. The group must determine if it is feasible to publish the document as two or possibly three documents based on Ioana’s initial draft(listed in the minutes).

4. John Moehkre says that we should be aware of changes that may be different and incorporate lessons learned from the pilot. In the front matter we must describe what we are doing and that is from the original ONC work and has been informed by information gained from onlging poilot sicne the orignal IG was developed.

5. Add wording to the front matter of the guide concerning CDA. Anything that is required from the CDA perspective, we should put a cart blanche statement saying that any differences from the implementation guide to this document includes changes that require CDA certification or passing tests are still required. These are the enhancements specific to this document. Any CDA consolidated templates that we provide would be required as specific to exchange and direct and these are the requirements that you would do anyway for exchange or direct.

6. Jonathan Coleman will draft the memorandum for the Security and Ontology ballot.

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