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January 27th, 2016 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Melanie Hilliard (HL7 HQ)
  • Melissa Mendivil - Optum
  • Virginia Lorenzi (Chair)
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HL7 HQ)
  • Sharon Chaplock (HL7 HQ)

Quorum - Yes


Approval of WGM Minutes

  • Deferred to May 2016 WGM

Tutorial Blurb Review/Update for May WGM

  • Mary Ann is still working on this - will get out this week
  • We will defer the review process until the September WGM

Tutorial Grid/Review Process for Sept WGM

  • Mary Ann hope to have material for September meeting by next meeting for approval
Action: Work on review process on next call
Action:  Virginia to draft a proposed plan for review on the next teleconference

Update on Proposed Tools Webinars/Tutorials

  • Discussions underway
Action: Melva to report on at the next teleconference

Update on Mobile Question App

  • Virginia has followed up with Marcelo
  • Marcelo expects to be able to work on it in February
  • Need to determine what Marcelo has to offer
  • Have approval in the budget to deliver questions via Q-Stream
Action:  Virginia will followup with Marcelo and ask for a demo on an upcoming teleconference
Action:  Virginia to followup with Cecil Lynch to get the ontology for CDA and V2

Update or requests from Sharon/Mary Ann

  • Matrix that provides a path to Learning about HL7 especially designed for new-comers and WGM first-timers
    • will come to the Education WG for review and comment before publishing
    • hope to have a plan in place in about 3 weeks
    • may have something to show in May, but may not
  • Webinar - "HL7 for Ministries of Health and ICT"
    • will partner with AeHIN to develop and deliver this
    • could also re-purpose for emerging countries
    • will likely be a free webinar - but still to be determined
  • FHIR Education Program
    • trying to consolidate FHIR training and look at how it is presented
      • will be reviewing schedule and pricing structure
  • FHIR Fundamentals -
    • want to offer the course to a smaller audience - looking at starting in April
    • Sharon to provide an update on the plans for this course

Arden Syntax exam update

Action: Virginia to followup with Arden Syntax WG

Ideas for Webinars/Ed Summits and how to get more

  • Review list of suggestions from Wiki and Virginia's list and do a survey to prioritize
  • Marketing/Membership - encourage Gold and Benefactors to take advantage of membership benefit to do a Webinar Case Study
Action:  Virginia to pull a list together of ideas

Any news on advertising for education

  • started to promote next Ed Summit/FHIR Institute - using LinkedIN advertising and contacts to help promote

Education dashboard/metrics (Deferred)

  • Inventory of Tutorials and Tutorial Specifications

Review of tutorial specifications (Deferred)

  • Update from Heather
  • Discussion of Track Leads and review of specs
  • Track Lead Job Description (Virginia)