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Jan 2, 2013 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • John Ritter
  • Diego Kaminker
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HQ Resource)
  • Sharon Chaplock (HQ Resource)


V2.7 Sample Certification Sample Questions

  • Discussion of updates as proposed in email thread
    • Patrick had sent out changes for sample questions
    • Is it okay to update?
Action: Mary Ann will followup with Mary Ann to see if okay to update and publish

HL7 Education Schedule

  • updates

Project Review

  • RIM Certification Test Update Project (PSS 886) (Virginia)
    • update from Ginnie
    • draft was published yesterday - expect to have test early next week
    • decision of when to publish and offer
    • Should we have a RIM certification prep class - need to update AMS's class so it is a prep class
    • What is the venue?
      • When and how?
    • will announce in January meeting and post sample questions
    • offer in May
    • have cancelled previous prep classes due to lack of interest
    • could we offer as a self paced online course rather than as a venue
      • could be a webinar or 2 - with presentation
      • samples
      • exercises
    • we will be doing the same for all of the other certification exams
    • we could use this as a pilot
    • Ginnie could have time to do this as long as we don't need it in the next couple of months
      • would work with Sharon
      • Sharon can draft a schedule - launch by March
      • develop to deliver as a webinar initially
  • Need to look at policy about access to the course
Action:  Sharon and Ginnie will put together a plan
  • Electronic Certification Testing (PSS 882)
    • update provided by Sharon
    • 1 clear front runner for a vendor - checking references
    • on schedule for this project
  • Education Webinars (PSS 871)
    • V2 Webinar was moved to March
    • moved out schedule by 1 month
    • MU series is scheduled to go Feb 20th


  • UML - Patrick
    • updates - none
  • V3 Project Manager - Marc Koehn
    • updates
      • Melva will work with Marc to update
      • this tutorial is not being offered in January
  • Receipt of Tutorial Specifications for January 2013 Tutorials
    • updates - still missing about 5 tutorial specifications
Action: Mary Ann to forward list to Melva
Action:  Melva will send email to tutorial speakers who have not submitted specification
Action:  discuss in Phoenix


  • Auditing - Patrick
    • updates - none

Review of Agenda for WGM

Education WGM Agenda

  • Monday Q4 - Melva to reach out to Marketing and International Mentoring
    • Africa - Diego and John Ritter - 4:30pm - 5pm
  • Tuesday Q1 - have cancelled this quarter and moved agenda items around - due to Board Meeting being held all day and commitments of co-chairs
  • Thursday Q2 - we will now meet as a WG rather than jointly with Electronic Services

Any other business

How are we addressing MU Needs

  • Melva forwarded discussion to Austin for TSC discussion
    • apparently this is already under discussion at the Board, but Austin was not able to share

Discussion with Chuck Jaffee

  • Chuck with try to joint for some time in Phoenix
  • need to coordinate/be aware of education plans related to Membership Model

Next meeting

  • WGM - Monday Q3
  • next teleconference - January 30, 2013