Inofficial "Wrappers" special working meeting

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  • Agenda (this meeting) (10am-5pm)
  • Wrappers R2 scope MCCI/CACT R2 Project 10 mins
  • Agenda (WGM) 20 mins
  • Wrappers Requirements 30 mins
  • Topics
  • Migration strategy - 20 mins
  • Review WGM agenda and wrap up - 1 hour
  • Topics
    • Function Signatures and trigger events 10 mins
    • Transmission wrapper 15 mins
    • Addressing (logical endpoints) 15 mins
    • Batching 15 mins
    • ATS status
    • Migration Strategy
    • Dynamic model requirements for R2
    • Control act / payload split rationale (recordTarget in control act wrapper)
    • Attachments

  • Wrappers Requirements
    • Batches
    • How does HL7v3 work with SOA
    • Lack of timeframes for delivery. This makes it very hard to plan takeup and implementation planning.
    • Migration guidence
  • Topics
    • Function Signatures and trigger events 10 mins
summary if issue from Mark Tucker
A message is like a function call f(x,y).
An application needs to be able to define what function calls it supports
f(x,y)  - patient admit
g(x) - patient discharge
For ADT there is not much wanted back from a function call, but there may be some expectations of information back or other receiver responsibilities.

T.f(x, y) 
HL7 does not use receiver responsibilities much, and the suggestion is that interactionIds should not include defining the receiver responsibilities -- these are more often locally defined.  What happens when the same message is used in different contexts -- split: 
the conversation definition (receiver responsibilities) 
the trigger event (why this message was sent)
the static model definintion.

The "message" is the package -- it has a label and a content

We need the event identifier to be separated from the definition of the content and communication identifier 
    • Transmission wrapper
Q3 INM Joint with MnM, MnM Hosting
Q1, Q2 INM wrappers R2
Q4 INM hot topics
Q3 Control act wrappers and shared messages
Q1 INM dynamic model
Q3 wrappers R2
Q4 Hot topics
Q1 wrap up