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Inm fhir evot 20170209

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FHIR Evote Items - Close 20170209

  1. FHIR MessageHeader
      1. Motion to change MessageHeader example to use a prefered value.9920
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0
      2. Motion to change to MessageHeader.focus 6081
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0 Applied
      3. Motion to change the definition of to "The of the message to which this message is a response" 12459
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0 Applied
      4. Motion to re-order the elements of MessageHeader as requested in the QA report:
        • The correct order is '[event(=what), destination(=who.focus), receiver(=who.focus), timestamp(=when.init), enterer(, author(, source(, responsible(=who.witness), reason(=why)]' Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0 Applied
        • but the actual order is '[timestamp(=when.init), event(=what), source(, destination(=who.focus), enterer(, author(, receiver(=who.focus), responsible(=who.witness), reason(=why)]'12678
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0 applied
      5. Motion to add MessageHeader.sender 9125
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0 Applied
      6. Motion to add extension to Message.header to enable response type including value set from Table 0155 Coded Content 12309
        • Julian/Stechishin 5-0-0