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Implementation concall 20070405

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  • Charlie McCay
  • Sara Ryan
  • Jason Rock
  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Mark Koehn
  • Lisa Carnahan


  • Cologne Agenda
  • Implementation Guide Project Update
  • DSTU Testing Process
  • Conformance/Implementation Merger

Cologne Agenda

The following items will be on the Tuesday Q2/Q3 Implementation Committee agenda:

  • Implementation Guide Project;
  • Conformance/Implementation Merger business;
  • Implementation FAQ;
  • Early Adopter Registry;
  • Implementation/Case Study Workshops;
  • DSTU Testing Issue (request for Q2);
  • V2/V3 Mapping; joint meeting with Vocabulary (Vocab to host).

Charlie will post the agenda on the Wiki and email it to the list.

Implementation Guide Project Update

Sara updated the group on this project. She is creating HL7 web space for info related to Implementation Guides and is looking for input regarding content. Suggestions: the scope of the project; define metadata; 'what it is and what it isn't'; put the space in an 'easy-to-find' place from the HL7 page'. It was suggested to use the current Early Adopter link from the HL7 homepage for this effort. The group recognized that we need to clarify the Imp Committee/Early Adopter web presence.

DSTU Testing Process

Jason discussed 'Regulated Product Submission' - submitting product info to a Regulation body. Note that some companies have used the DSTU to send product info to US FDA. Issue:

  • What does 'done with testing' mean for a DSTU? What does 'testing' mean in terms of DSTU testing? Does it require two-party connectivity testing? Is this a document-checking exercise?
  • What constitutes an implementation; given that no company is going to build a 'product' until the standard is approved.
  • What should be the next steps for going from DSTU to Normative standard?
  • What documentation does the Committee need to bring?

The RCRIM Committee would like a resolution over the next 8 months or so.

  • The Implementation Committee can use the May WGM for initial discussion and defining the path forward.
  • Note that the web services DSTU did not have a formal 'connectivity' testing activity. Feedback from implementers was provided to editors direclty or through ballot process. Karen Van offered (in email) that ANSI does not require a formal testing process.
  • The Product Life Cycle Transition Group (a Transition Task Force) may have an opinion.

What to do in the short term?

  • A goal of DSTU testing should be to answer the question: "can these messages support the business level processes?".
  • Tieing DSTU testing for meeting business needs with abiity for message instance conformance is important.
  • Define the risks is the DSTU trying to address and then identify how you can test this.
  • Define what is out of scope to alleviate some fears.
  • The Implementation Committee is going to keep this discussion going on the mailing list prior to the WGM.

Conformance/Implementation Merger

Bill/Jason (4-0-0) moved to calling the new committee the Implementation Conformance TC (ICTC).