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Implementation FAQ:Localized specifications

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This page covers issues related to the development of localized specifications, including templates, profiles, and localized message types. These are documented in an Implementation Guide.

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Implementation Guide

Question: how should one best write an Implementation Guide?

  • technical guide, conformance profile guide, wrapper documentation
  • use plenty of (good) examples. The creation of good quality examples takes a lot of time.
  • use of local language within the implementation guide helps the readers to understand its contents.

What artefactCode should be used for localized message types?

From a theoretical point of view, the problem's been solved. - the "realm" in artifact ids has been formally labeled as "namespace realm" and anyone who wants one can have one - the 2-character limit has been removed - the default content is an OID, however the intent is to be able to register with publishing (international) to get a shorter number of characters - this change requires a change to the style of identifiers, which will be occurring as part of the transition to the new tools

Unfortunately, the existing tools (Visio, pub-db) do not support the change and, in the case of Visio, probably never will. It'll be a year or so before we have tools that support the new id style.

In the meantime, make something up as best you can, with the understanding that it will change. Alternatively, register with the appropriate namespace realm owner and get them to reserve you an identifier.