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Implementation FAQ:Implementer Organization

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This page contains questions and recommendations related to the organization or project that is responsible for the implementation.

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  • Overcome the steep learning curve
  • Need for a "keeper of the vision"
    • Designate one person to keep the architecture and the business requirements (as a whole) on a consistent track. Otherwise scope creep will ensure they are disjunctive.
  • Exchange experiences with other v3 implementers
    • The exchange of experience in a forum with other implementers/vendors saves money. The RIMBAA Working group is an international forum for v3 implementers.
  • Dealing with being an early adopter
    • If the scope of your implementation is broad you should anticipate being an early adopter of some parts of the Standard. It's worth it, but you must factor into your plans a steep learning curve; ongoing participation in the HL7 organization to move your designs through membership approval; and retrofitting of early installations to the approved specifications.