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ImpConf Mission and Charter

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(Note: ImpConf won't be the new name of the committee - it is used as a placeholder)



  • Implementation TC (Imp TC)
  • Conformance and Implementation TC (CnI TC)

20070125 Implementation TelCon: Discussion on the name of the new TC. Strawvote prefers shorter name. Motion to adopt Implementation TC (Rene/Helen, 6-0-1).

20070207 Conformance SIG TelCon: The ConfSIG passed a motion to promote the name Implementation/Conformance TC (IC TC) (Bill/Len, 3-0-0). The ConfSIG agreed that the acronym should not include an 'N'; but agreed that Conformance should be in the name.


The mission of the HL7 ImpConf committee is to support all post-publication activities of users of the standards. This includes the localization of HL7 standards to suit specific real-world situations, the creation of implementation guides and the mechanism to specify conformance.

20070125 ImplementationTelcon: Helen/Lisa Motion to approve. (7-0-0)


The ImpConf Committee provides a forum for users of HL7 standards to share best practices, success stories, and challenges related to the use of HL7 standards in specific real-world situations.

  • During development of proposed standards the ImpConf Committee provides assistance to early adopters in conjunction with the applicable technical committees and special interest groups.
  • The Committee is a conduit for end-users to provide feedback into the standard development process and to formulate proposed enhancements to the standards.

The ImpConf TC provides specifications related to the testing of conformance. In order to be able to accomplish this it produces normative specifications that define conformance based on the rules and mechanisms for constraint and localization.

  • The ImpConf TC has the editorial responsibility for v2.x chapter 2B.
  • The ImpConf TC produces normative conformance defintions for HL7 V3 based on the normative specifications for constraint and localization. (Reviewers Note: This clause means that this TC is responsible for normative language defining conformance based on the rules for C&L. MnM becomes responsible for normative language wrt the rules for constraint and localization.)
  • The TC also has editorial responsibility for the conformance and localization chapter of the HL7 Development Framework (HDF). (Reviewers Note: This is a new responsibility - the Conformance SIG never had this before. Do other TCs have editorial responsiblity for the HDF? Do we want this responsibility?)

Note that neither HL7 nor this TC will provide Conformance Certification or Validation for implementations of HL7.

The ImpConf TC works with all interested parties to develop and support open source tools related to the implementation of HL7 standards, which includes tools for conformance testing and the authoring of implementation guides.

  • The ImpConf TC provides a transition path for v2.x to V3 in those areas of the standard where this is deemed to be relevant.


The HL7 ImpConf committee coordinates with the appropriate technical committees, special interest groups to assist consumers of the HL7 specifications to understand and implement the specifications successfully.

The ImpConf committee has a specific relationship with the INM Technical Committee as they are responsible for chapter 2 of the v2.x standard where the Conformance section resides.

The ImpConf committee will liaise with other committees on specific Conformance issues as the need arises or as guided by the T3F or Technical Directorate.