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ITS WGM Minutes 2018 Jan

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ITS - New Orleans, LA - January 2018

Tuesday, January 30


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: Paul Knapp

  1. General Announcements:
    • Co-Chair election: Paul Knapp is running for re-election
  2. HL7 over HTTP
    • Vassil raised that the HL7 Over HTTP should be pulled or copied from the V3 spec and published in a more general manner.
  3. KNART specification
    • Lorraine reviewed the status and go forward path for the KNART specification of which ITS is a co-sponsor. Hopefully the will have an Errata to the existing STU for April 1 and then a new STU for September 2018.
  4. FHIR-I
    • Issues in persisting and using FHIR resources in marked-up form: eg. XML, JSON, Protobuf (Google), RDF, as opposed to harvesting the content and storing in a canonical model (SQL, Columnar). The effort here is to bring together discussions of issues and approaches not to prescribe what persistence methods to use.
    • A Protobuf document will be provided as DRAFT for the May ballot and review in the May 2018 WGM.
  5. Bulk Data Transfer
    • ‘Newline delimited JSON’ – build data exchange format has been added as DRAFT to the specification, DRAFT again in May and perhaps STU in September.
  6. Announcement:
    • application/fhir+xml registered, application/fhir+json soon.
  7. FHIRPath
    • Both the CQL and FHIR use the FHIRPath specification.
    • Motion: Ballot FHIRPath as a normative specification with appendices D (V2 MAP), E (Tooling and Implementations) and F (References) as informative. Grahame/Bryn 6-0-0
      • Discussion:
      • FHIRPath is an expression syntax to refer to instance elements which is used in FHIR and potentially other family methodologies or tooling. CQL uses FHIRPath and any comments arising from a CQL ballot which refer to FHIRPath must be referred to ITS for consideration on the development of FHIRPath.
      • FMG wishes to advise ITS that proceeding to Normative on the FHIRPath specification does not meet FHIR Product Family rules which normally require 2 rounds of STU ballot before artifacts proceed to Normative.
    • Motion: FMG/Lloyd objects to the above motion on the grounds that it does not follow their FHIR Family Requirements of 2 STU prior to Normative. Notwithstanding that, there are no known functional impediments to Normative, therefore ITS reaffirms the above motion. Louis/Grahame 6-0-0


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Dale Nelson

Presentation on SHEX scheduled.

Adjourned early due to lack of participants


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Dale Nelson

  • Request in CDA 2.1 to support IVL_RTO. Need to be bound to Datatypes R1.
  • Use Cases: Expression of titre ranges, etc.
  • Motion: ITS to publish IVL_RTO in concrete syntax for inclusion in CDA 2.1 standard R1 datatypes, pending review by MnM of Abstract Datatypes R1 for suitablity. Calvin/Linda 3/0/0


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: unknown

No quorum


Name Init. Affiliation Email Tuesday
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
KNAPP, Paul PK Knapp Consulting Inc. ×
NELSON, Dale DN Accenture × × × ×
PECH, Brian BP Kaiser Permanente × ×
PEYTCHEV, Vassil VP Epic ×
CONSTABLE, Lorraine LC Constable Consulting ×
GRIEVE, Grahame GG Health Intersections Pty Ltd ×
BEDOR, Louis LoB Cognosante uloubedor@earthlink × ×
RHODES, Bryn BR Database Consulting Group ×
BEEBE, Calvin CB Mayo Clinic ×
MICHAELSEN, Linda LMi Optum ×
NANJO, Claude CN Cognitive Medical Systems ×
MEAD, Charlie ChM ×