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ITS - Paris, France - May 2015

Monday, May 11


chair: Andy Stechishin scribe: Andy Stechishin

Overview of agenda for week, review M&C, DMP, SWOT - all need update

General discussion of ITS and purpose

Specific point of interest was FHIR XML representation, key issues were:

  1. Use of non-standard types, redefinition of xs:<type> and so forth
  2. The @value attribute - why? Why not use content in the element, this would smooth out the major difference between the XML and JSON representation


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: Andy Stechishin

ITS RDF Sub-group Monday Q4 Introductions

on the telecon Eric Prud'hommeaux Tony Malia Brian Pech David Booth

Claude Nanjo presented the agenda

Intro to ITS RDF sub-group Current Efforts European Participation Lloyd MacKenzie to present FHIR Ontology


  • Some history
  • Resources (wikis, teleconns)
  • Mission
  • Work projects
  • Seque to LM

FHIR Ontology LM gave the overview of the FHIR Ontology work and the goals and opportunities possible with the FHIR RDF

GG expected this work will be published as draft in the DSTU 2 release with reference implementations

European RDF Work CM presented opportunities in France

CM will send an email to the Salus group ( to see if it would be possible to present at a future call

Future directions

  • DB was looking thoughts on going forward
  • RH: Terminologies need to fit
  • TM: Need to address how codeable concepts bind
  • GG: Big problem is that there is no standard on RDF representation of terminologies, ask for reach out to provide a standard representation.
  • TM: Suggested this would be an outreach to Vocab, RH would take this action
  • DB: For clarity, the suggestion is strongly encourage each publishing organization to identify their definitive RDF representative, this might be developed by the organization or an externally developed one, or a recommendation of a preferred style.

Tuesday, May 12

Wednesday, May 13


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: Andy Stechishin

Atlanta planning:

  • Mon
    • Q4 RDF
  • Tue
    • Q1 SOA
    • Q2 InM (??)
    • Q3 SD
    • Q4 InM
  • Wednesday
    • Q1
    • Q2 (FHIR)
  • Thursday
    • Q3
    • Q4

Review of FHIR Ballot issues

  • 2865 - investigate
  • 3063 - older
  • 3090 - older
  • 7242 -
  • 7279 documentation not useful, discussion on patterns for controlled delete, schedule for discussion with FHIR core
  • 7280 client creation of id - need explanation an d scenarios where this would be appropriate
  • 7461 - complete
  • 7463 - clarification from FHIR methodology
  • 7468 - deferred
  • 7538 - AS to see if he can query Paul Biron


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: Andy Stechishin

  • 7538 - This pertains to the primitive datatypes and presents problems for booleans, integers, etc. There was a detailed discussion on use of libraries and the impacts of being more restrictive -need to verify disposition captured
  • 7957 - Long discussion on making the URLs more readable by reducing the character escaping that occur, modified and passed
  • 7541 - approved
  • 7892 - discussion on the behaviour of returning a resource via http vs https. GG: the identity of the resource must be the same. JS was primarily concerned about the security aspects
  • 7936 - Discussion by GG on what a transaction means. No resolution

Thursday, May 14


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: unknown

No quorum


Name Init. Affiliation Email Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
STECHISHIN, Andy AS CANA Software & Services Ltd. × × × ×
KNAPP, Paul PK Knapp Consulting Inc. × × × ×
ROSSIGNOL, Guillaume GR Almerys × × ×
ROYCE, Stephen SRo NeHTA × × ×
DE BEAUBIEN, Bill BdB Systems Made Simple ×
NGUYEN, Viet VN Systems Made Simple ×
PARKER, David DPr Defined IT ×
VAN DER ZEL, Michael MV HL7 Netherlands ×
FRY, Emory EF Cognitive Medical ×
NANJO, Claude CN Cognitive Medical Systems ×
MEAD, Charlie ChM ×
MCKENZIE, Lloyd LM Gevity (HL7 Canada) ×
GRIEVE, Grahame GG Health Intersections Pty Ltd × ×
ALIVERTI, Esteban EAl Cognitive Medical Systems ×
BENSON, Tim TBe R Outcomes ×
SPEARS, Corey CSp ×
SCHOEFFLER, Benoit BS almerys × ×
LYNCH, Cecil CLy Accenture ×
DONNELLY, Michael MDo Epic ×
SYED, Jenni JSy Cerner Corporation ×
SHAVER, Dave DS Corepoint Health ×
HAUSAM, Robert RHu Hausam Consulting LLC ×
DIXON HUGHES, Richard RDH Dixon Hughes ×