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ITS - San Antonio, TX - January 2015

Monday, January 19


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Andy Stechishin

DN reviewed week schedule

DB provided an overview of the goals and plans of the RDF sub-group, some history. DB then spoke about the current activities FHIR-RDF mapping.

CN spoke about the original intent for a FHIR ontology, CL spoke of first steps to create a ontology. DN asked what we were looking at mapping, the interactions or just the content model. DB said for now the focus was the content model.


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Andy Stechishin

Review M&C, some small changes and clarifications

Motion: Approve revised Mission and Charter AS/BP unanimous

Review DMP

Motion: Approve the updated DMP BP/AS unanimous

Review and revise SWOT

Motion: Approve revised SWOT AS/BP unanimous


chair: Paul Knapp scribe: Andy Stechishin

3925 Richard/AS 13-0-2

3025 general discussion

3931 consensus (to be discussed in FHIR core) was do not return resource, use content header

3025 - further comments were recorded on the tracker item, item was not reopened

2948 Mike Henderson/Brian continue to use mime-type but suggest change to media-type value set 16-0-0

Wednesday, January 21


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Andy Stechishin

3025: DN had issues with the use of the error return codes for deletes. went to a larger conversation around transactions possibly spanning days, JS suggested that RESTful has a place for small contained kinds of transactions is suitable but not for the kinds of long running

Look at creating a tracker item for working on wording around transactions (give the delete example, one delete not found will cause transmit to fail)


chair: Dale Nelson scribe: Andy Stechishin

3956:JM reviewed the issues, the format, there was not consensus in the room that the DSTU format was problemattic. We will solicit further clarifying input on the issues and schedule for resolution on an upcoming ITS call

3090: Chained search parameters - more description on how search parameters impact, there was also a suggestion that this tracker item belonged with CGIT


Name Init. Affiliation Email Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
KNAPP, Paul PK Knapp Consulting Inc. × × ×
NELSON, Dale DN Accenture × × × ×
WOELK, Darrell DWo ×
NANJO, Claude CN Cognitive Medical Systems ×
HAUSAM, Robert RHu Hausam Consulting LLC ×
PECH, Brian BP Kaiser Permanente × × × ×
ANTONSON, Nicole NA McKesson ×
FERGUSON, Jamie JFe Kaiser-Permanente ×
HENDLER, Peter PH Kaiser Permanente ×
TING, Jeffrey JTi Systems Made Simple × ×
PARKER, Craig CP Intermountain Healthcare ×
KAVANAGH, Richard RKv Health & Social Care Information Centre × ×
JEWELL, Gaby GJ Cerner ×
TRIVEDI, Prashant PTr NHS × ×
BOOTH, David DB Hokukahu ×
MEAD, Charlie ChM × ×
LYNCH, Cecil CLy Accenture ×
FINE, Steven SF Cerner Corporation × ×
WILLARD, Keith KW SureScripts ×
VAN DER ZEL, Michael MV HL7 Netherlands ×
DIFAZIO, Cosimo CD Systems Made Simple ×
SOLBRIG, Harold HSb Mayo Clinic ×
ANTINIW, Peter PA Interfaceware ×
LAMPHEAU, Daniel DL McKesson ×
ETTEMA, Richard RE, Inc. ×
MATHEWS, Jason JMa Mitre ×
SMITS, Marten MSm Furore ×
KRAMER, Ewout EK Furore ×
STECHISHIN, Andy AS CANA Software & Services Ltd. × × × × ×
SYED, Jenni JSy Cerner Corporation × ×
MCNEIL, Tim TMcN Surescripts × ×
MANDEL, Joshua JM Boston Children's Hospital ×
ASHLEY, Susan SA ManTech ×
AASSVE, Oyvind OA HL7 Norway ×