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ITS WGM Minutes 2012 Jan

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ITS - San Antonio, texas, WGM January 2012


  • Paul Knapp (PK)
  • Dale Nelson (DN)
  • Andy Stechishin (AS)

Monday, January 14


Chair: PK Scribe: AS

The quarter is dedicated to final planning for the week. The schedule on the wiki was confirmed.

A possible discussion on Wednesday on document packaging by NEHTA was requested.


  • Co-Chair election, PK is standing for re-election

With completion of planning, the discussion of a JSON ITS was moved to the current quarter. It was confirmed that there is interest but

If Robert Worden is not in attendance, Monday Q3 will be released.


Chair: PK Scribe: AS


Project discussion - exchanges - ITS/templates/SD - New standard - possibly - MIF/XMI/other(new) unknown/MDHT (Template Exchange Project)

discuss with SD, propose to Templates, see about creation of PSS project to complete phase 0 in current cycle


Released, Robert Warden not in attendance, JSON discussed in Q1


Chair: PK Scribe: AS

Reconciliation of XML ITS for HL7 v2.x

There was a discussion around minLength and maxLength in the standard.

DTD references removed.

Block vote to accept not persuasive and minor changes FO/DN 4-0-0

Complete details of the reconciliation are contained in the reconciliation spreadsheet posted to the ballot site.

Tuesday, January 15

No meetings: joined SOA in Q1, InM in Q2 then Structured Docs in Q2, Structured Docs in Q3

Wednesday, January 18


Chair: PK Scribe: AS


The work group was interested in the following discussion points with regard to FHIR:

  • Want to discuss the selection of Atom feeds
  • Path forward
  • No discussion of FHIR ITS - why?

GG first walked through the a RESTful implementation with individual resources going back and forth and loosely defined interaction patterns.

GG then stated that the REST architecture pattern does not work in all situations in healthcare and described the messaging structure.

GG then also worked through the creation of documents using resources. The text representation in each resources would form the text components of the document. In essence, the current display power of CDA is inherent in all resources and bring it to the messaging and other realms.There was a discussion around the use of CSS within the text sections. Each text section would have its own CSS file, this would prevent CSS from one text section overpowering another.

GG then briefly covered how the resources work with SOA architectures.

A discussion ensued starting from the concept of using ATOM feed. GG described the 3 choices: hand-crafted, RSS, ATOM. PK suggested that this was limiting and wanted to explore the concept of 'in-lining' the resources. GG explained that consistently using references made the schema more complex to satisfy individual use-cases.

GG then covered the design decisions surrounding the selection and implementation of ATOM for the aggregation. GG covered the building and layout of an aggregate using ATOM.

PK: question how do we not have flavours of a resource over time. GG: Cherry pick the best of version 2 (and version 3) and the extension mechanism


Chair: PK Scribe: AS

FHIR - continued

The session continued the discussion on how FHIR would be implemented over the wire.

Limit resources to a single definition

Discussion on the transaction context of sending/receiving/updating/creating resources. Messaging vs REST. Applicability of REST architecture in healthcare.

Back to limiting resources. Schema will be very loose, conformance profile is the mechanism for 'presence'. This needs to be highlighted and upfront. Profiles created for a community or individual messages. HL7 does not really provide 'out-of-the-box' interoperability (CDA is in some ways an exception).


  1. Uses W3C Schema for data definition not validation
    • Schema was always insufficient, we make this explicit and addresses the localization/conformance issues
  2. Probably few mandatory or required attributes in resources
    • How to tell people - what is a conformance profile, how is it described?
    • How to describe in machine-processable form
  3. Governance for Resources and Versions
    • How do we stay clean?
    • General discussion of processes, documentation

Final note, relationship of hData to FHIR?

  • They are independent, FHIR resources could be packaged within hData.


Chair: PK Scribe: PK

ITS 1.1 Reconciliation - refer to reconciliation spreadsheet for details


Did not meet - all outstanding issues resolved in previous quarter

Thursday, January 19


No quorum


Chair: PK Scribe: DN

Planning for next WGM

  • Monday
    • Q1
      • Planning/Hot Topic review
    • Q2
      • FHIR General
    • Q3
      • JSON/Neutral Mapping
    • Q4
      • HTML5 (microformats/microdata)
  • Tuesday
    • Q1
      • joining SOA
    • Q2
      • Joint with InM - Abstract Transport
    • Q3
      • Joint with Structured Docs
    • Q4
      • FHIR Demo/Issues
  • Wednesday
    • Q1
      • FHIR Demo/Issues
    • Q2
      • FHIR Governance
    • Q3
      • FHIR Standards Process
    • Q4
      • FHIR Other topics
  • Thursday
    • Q1
      • Hot Topics
    • Q2
      • Next meeting planning
    • Q3
      • not meeting
    • Q4
      • not meeting


Name Init. Affiliation Email Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Andy Stechishin AS CANA Software × × × × ×
Dale Nelson DN Squaretrends × × × × × × ×
Paul Knapp PK PKnapp Consulting × × × × × × ×
Gerald Beuchelt GB MITRE
Lloyd McKenzie LM LM Associates ×
Stephen Royce SR NEHTA
Sarah Gaunt SG NEHTA × ×
Grahame Grieve GG Health Intersections ×
Brian Pech BP Kaiser-Permanente × × × × × ×
Yunwei Wang YW Seimans × × ×
Vassil Peytchev VP EPIC × ×
Gaby Jewell GJ Cerner × ×
Ann Wrightson AW NHS Wales
Ilia Fortunov IF Microsoft
Peter Hendler PH Kaiser-Permanente
Mark Tucker MT Regenstrief
Ewout Kramer EK Furore × ×
Rene Spronk RS Ringholm ×
Robert Worden RW Open Mapping Software
Alexander Henket HL7 NL
Philip Wilford PW NEHTA × × × × ×
Frank Oemig FO HL7 Germany ×
Rob Snelnick RS NIST ×
Jason Murphy Infoway ×
Austin Kreisler AK SAIC ×
Rajan Rai Infoway ×
Dave Shaver DS Corepoint Health × ×
Keith Boone KB GE ×