ITS SIG telcon 20080305

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ITS telecon 5-Mar 2008


  • Charlie McCay
  • Grahame Grieve
  • Dale Nelson
  • Lloyd Mackenzie
  • Paul Knapp

Approval of Agenda

  • approved as stated

ISO datatypes

  • dispositions as noted in the spreadsheet
  • Motion: The reconciliation package is deemed complete without needing to have Dipak's line items dealt with in detail. the Reconciliation package should be posted now. (Grahame/LLoyd - 3/0/0)

ITS 1.1 reconciliation

  • Motion: All proposed dispositions accepted. Grahame/Paul 3/0/0

ITS r2 reconciliation

  • Individual line items as recorded in the spreadsheet
  • Motion - the remaining line items (ones not already approved by committee) be accepted as a block. Paul/Dale 3/0/0

Alternate Schema Representations

  • No identified interest in resourcing work on this issue
  • Will be revisited of interest is found.

Transport Specifications

  • Committee hasn't sighted draft documents or reconciliation packages
  • they won't be balloted this cycle
  • further discussion at the next WGM
  • Paul to contact authors and see where they are up to

Planning for next meeting

  • no further meetings until business arises (i.e. Transport specifications)