ITS SIG telcon 20070716

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   Stearing Division elections
   ballot admin check - are we on schedule?
   new its ballot reconcile [1]

Call is scheduled for 1.0 hour

Mon 12:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5) Please consult for your local times

Call Status This is a call in a recurring sequence (and occurs every two (2) weeks) Participation Information

List Service Assignment

notes from call

attendees: Paul Knapp, Charlie McCay (Chair), Dale Nelson, Bob Leif, Nick Radov

steering division election

Dale Nelson / Bob Leif [3/0/0] The ITS SIG appoints Dale Nelson to act as teller, and arrange the election process to establish how to cast the ITS vote for Steering Division (SD) leadership and representation on the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

All ballots are to be in by August 3rd. There will be a call on the 6th to deal with any issues, or simply to ratify the vote.

ballot planning

  • New ITS spec needs board and ARB approval to go DSTU.
  • Side by side publishing of XML ITS 1.1 needed.

Reconcile Transport - ebXML