ITS SIG telcon 20070319 notes

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Charlie McCay

Paul Knapp

Bob Leif

Matthew Stephens

Rik Smithies

Paul Knapp will post WGM minutes this week.

WGM planning

  • There will be discussion of the ebXML spec in joint session with INM (Thurs Q2)
  • ISO/W3C reps - need reports
  • Out of cycle wrappers meeting - Paul Knapp, Charlie McCay and Rene Spronk will be attending

ebXML doc

  • Basal standard is now ebXML version 3, HTTP headers are being used instead of TCP/IP
  • The document is expected to go through one more round of balloting
  • Comments needed for document when ballot opens
  • Laboratory instrument group needs to be notified about the spec


  • Documents on site - no changes before ballot, known changes are bulleted in the document, candidate glossary entries need to be promoted to the main glossary
  • ISO datatypes doc
    • Bob will notify other standards groups about this spec
  • Datatypes rationale and structures rationale are on the wiki
  • Datatypes examples are being collected on the wiki
  • Review of documents and input to datatypes rationale is needed

The next conference call is on the 28th