ITS SIG Sept 2007 WGM agenda

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  • Monday
    • Q3 Election for co-chair
     ebXML Ballot Resolution  (Dale)
     (Wrapper discussion in INM/M&M)
    • Q4 (.5 hr with INM) -- New ITS Specification (+Guide) (Paul)
  • Tues
    • Q1 V2 XML (Paul)
     (INM Transmission Wrappers) 
    • Q2 ISO Datatypes (Paul)
     (INM Wrappers R2)
    • Q3 INM hosting ITS/SOA (Charlie)
    • Q4 New ITS Specification / XML ITS R1.1 (+Guide) (Paul)
  • Wed
    • Q1 ISO datatypes (Paul)
     (INM Abstract Transport)
    • Q2 W3C, Transports (WS, ebXML, Removeable Media) (Paul)
    • Q3 ISO datatypes (Paul)
    • Q4 New ITS Specification / XML ITS R1.1 (+Guide) + Planning for future (Paul)
  • Thurs
    • Q1 with INM/SOA/MnM (Charlie)
    • Q2 with INM (Charlie)

  • Agenda items to add
    • V2.XML (when Kai is available)
    • ebXML
    • webservices/removable media/other ITS work
  • Constaints
    • Charlie available Mon q4, Tues Q4, Wed Q4
    • Grahame sb available Tues Q2, Wed Q1,3
    • Kai available Mon, Tues