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ITS Products and Projects

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  • ebXML transport protocol
    • R1 expired (DSTU) in use at NHS (do they want normative)
    • R2 passed ballot, needs reconciliation edits applied (normative)
    • PK action Jan 2011
    • CV-PSM
  • web services transport protocol
    • R1 DSTU deprecated 2007
    • R2 Normative (broken - pulled prior to NE)
    • IHE points to R2
    • Need to determine if there is interest
    • May 2011
    • PK action to coordinate further work (1st step arrange Telecon)
  • removable media transport protocol
    • ISO9664
    • Doug Pratt correction as result of ballot have not been applied
    • is there interest?
    • DN ping Doug Pratt IHE XDM is a competitor
  • MLLP transport protocol (R2, normative)
    • R2 normative (light weight suitable within org not between) confirm soon
    • CV-PSM
  • hData Restful API Restful transport for hData
    • In development (DSTU)
    • CV-PSM


  • v2 pipe-bar ITS sections in chapter 2
    • current re-publishined with each V2 (Normative)
    • requests for changes come from InM
  • v2 XML ITS document
    • re-affirmed May2010 (Normative)
  • V3 Datatypes R1 (Normative) - refresh needed soon
  • V3 Datatypes R2 (ISO) Normative
  • ITS Structures R1 (Normative)
  • ITS Structures R1.1 (Normative) needs edits applied
    • AS action LM to apply edits
  • ITS Structures R2 (Normative) May2010
  • RIM ITS (Normative) Sept2010 (recon edits need to be applied)
  • microITS GreenCDA
    • Keith Boone
    • DN to determine status


  • Neutral Mapping
  • hData
    • IV-PSM

Other notes:

  • InM may/is working on an Abstract Transport spec