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ITS Teleconference - May 20, 2014

Present: Paul Knapp (PK), Andy Stechishin (AS), Martha Thomas (MT) - University of Washington

Quorum met: Yes

Chair: PK

Scribe: AS


  1. Approve Minutes of previous meetings April 29
  2. Announcements
  3. Approve Phoenix WGM Minutes
  4. List of impacted Standard for Datatype Schematron Errata
    • Also need to start work on Errata
  5. Action Item Update
    • Update RIM Serialization for Publishing
      • Last action: PK will prepare Publication Request for April 29, 2014 teleconference
    • Review of Product Briefs
      • Schedule on agenda of May 2014 WGM
    • HL7 over HTTP
      • From 2014 May WGM:
        • AS will produce publishing format from source
        • PK/DN will review document for use of terms
        • PK will update PSS for new schedule and scope
        • PK will investigate registering the mime-types described in HL7 over HTTP
    • ITS 1.1
      • AS will update the PSS
      • PK will manage the submission of NIBs
  6. Next Meeting
  7. Adjourn

Called to order at 2:05 pm Eastern

Minute Approval April 29

Motion: Approve minutes as posted AS/DN unanimous


We will need to set time aside to work on tracker items as they arise in FHIR. This should likely be a regular part on our conference calls. There may also be a requirement to triage and provide a preliminary response. There were 30 issues identified in the tracker log for ITS at the WGM .

Schematron Errata

PK will generate a list for the next teleconference

Action Items

  • Update RIM Serialization for Publishing
    • PK will generate publication request
  • Product Briefs
    • Will look to put on schedule for Chicago WGM
  • HL7 over HTTP
    • continue work
  • ITS 1.1
    • AS will try to get complete for next call

UDI Formatting Issue

GS1 was not comfortable with the proposed solution, solution was not aired at Facilitators round table

Meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm Eastern