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ITS Concall Minutes 20110125

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ITS Teleconference - January 25, 2011

Called to order at 4:07 Eastern

Present: Paul Knapp (PK), Gerald Beuchelts (GB), Andy Stechishin (AS), Dale Nelson (DN), Brian Pech (BP)

Chair: PK

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Mission and Charter
  4. Project Scope Statement for ebXML
  5. Review of DMP
  6. Re-affirmation of MLLP R2
  7. ArB discussion on hData
  8. Future Meetings
  9. Adjourn

Approve Previous Minutes

None outstanding

ArB Meeting

Scheduled for Feb 3 goal is to come out of meeting with decision on WG for Record Data Format and RESTful API and the way forward.GB will do overview of hData (slide deck from Atlanta), help provide context. PK to ensure that on ArB agenda and will attend.


Review of version distributed earlier in the day.

Motion: Move to accept as amended on the call and distributed as Draft 5 (DN/AP) 4-0-0

Project Scope Statement for ebXML

PK will create and submit, AS will provide the template to PK.

Reaffirmation MLLP R2

There was discussion that we should not re-affirm a specification if there are no users.

PK will reach out to Rene Spronk to see if there are any current users of the standard or if it should be retired. PK will report back in the next few weeks.


Push to next meeting, February 1

Future Meetings

Feb 1: DMP, approval of ebXML PSS to be prepared by PK


4:59 pm Eastern