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ITS Concall Minutes 20100817

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ITS Teleconference - August 17, 2010

Called to order at 4:08 Eastern

Present: Dale Nelson (DN), Andy Stechishin (AS), Gerald Beuchalt (GB), Andy Gregorowicz (AG), Robert Worden (RW), Jean Duteau (JD), Paul Knapp (PK)

Chair: DN

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings August 10, 2010
  3. Update on hData
  4. Steering Division Co-Chair
  5. Neutral Mapping
    • Paul Knapp and Robert Worden
  6. Adjourn

Motion: Approve amended agenda AS/RW 4-0-0

Approve Previous Minutes

Motion: Approve minutes with correction to spelling of AG name. AS/AG 4-0-0

hData Report

AS had not yet sent the hData documents for review by other possibly affected WG. GB would like to have a set period for comments, AS suggested that we request comments by Sept 28 to tabulate for discussion in Cambridge. AS will send out tonight and copy AG and GB.

Steering Division Co-Chair

AS provided a brief update, will send out email vote with closing set for August 29.

Neutral Mapping

RW reported on current activities in the Neutral Mapping project

  1. Feedback from TSC
    • Did not approve the project scope statement
    • Austin Kreisler and Helen Stevens-Love identified the issues
    • 3 reasons
      1. Need to have a proper co-sponsor from at least 3 other work groups
        • RW confirmed that an Affiliate co-sponsorship could count as one co-sponsor
        • Will get co-sponsor from UK affiliate
        • Structured Docs will likely co-sponsor, RW attending teleconference on Thursday to move forward
        • Trying to establish contact also with Patient Care
      2. TSC confused by description of pre-evaluation phase
        • RW will rework to be more explicit
      3. Finally, getting to ballot by Jan 2011 was viewed as unrealistic, TSC suggested move to May 2011 and RW agreed
  2. Getting Feedback on draft
    • ITS should formally send to co-chairs for discussion
    • ITS should encourage WG members to review
    • GB noted that this is a general issue, and suggested the TSC should encourage others to participate
  3. Neutral Mapping at Cambridge WGM
    • An invitation to team that created the MDMI specification has been sent out with the hope that they could join us during the Cambridge WGM for an in person discussion
    • There was general consensus that adding a quarter to the discussion on Wednesday (Q3) so that there was a continuous, Q1->Q2->Q3 stream for the topic would be best
    • AS will try to book Wednesday Q3 as an additional quarter

General Discussion

ITS R2 Structures has been updated on the Wiki all resolutions posted. Please review. To be prepared to go to ANSI. Add to agenda for September 7 call.

The August 24th teleconference will be cancelled, the next teleconference will be August 31. AS will cancel the telecon notification.

The WG will need to decide if the interim co-chair position should continue. Schedule for the September 7th conference call.


5:09 pm Eastern