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ITS Concall Minutes 20100713

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ITS Teleconference - July 13, 2010

Called to order at 4:04 Eastern

Present: Gaby Jewell (GJ), Brian Pech (BP), Andy Stechishin (AS), Lynn Laakso (LL), Gerald Beuchelt (GB), Andy Gregoriwicz (AG)

Chair: AS

Scribe: AS


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings Jul 6, 2010 and Jun 22, 2010
  3. Review product briefs with Lynn Laakso (15 minutes)
  4. Review revised revision of hData Record Format
  5. Review hData API Spec

Agenda accepted as posted

  • Meeting called to order at 4:14 Eastern

Previous Minutes

Approval of meeting minutes from Jun 22, 2010 and Jul 6, 2010

  • Motion: Accept (GB/BP) Unanimous

Product Briefs

LL presented some of the updates that had been done and asked if the co-chair had reviewed as per her email. AS responded that he had not. The group then went over the list as posted on the HL7 main wiki.

  • AS commented that he thought some of the ballot status were incorrect but the statuses proved to be accurate.
  • AS will contact PK to ensure the individual description are verified off-line
  • AS will verify with Grahame Grieve to determine if there are any implementers of UML datatypes

hData Record Format Review

The group continued on with the review of the document version 14. AS and GB briefly discussed the use of RFC2119 for terms like 'SHOULD', 'MUST', 'SHALL', etc. AS indicated that he would be looking to the V3 Publishing WG for some guidance. The group finished reviewing all of the posted comments to the document.

Motion: Distribute the hData Record Format document with the updates identified in the meeting, which will be posted to the list-serve as version15, to the co-chairs of work groups identified in previous teleconference

  • (GB/GJ) Unanimous

hData API Review

Not done - no time

Next Call

  1. hData API review
    • AG and GB will not be available for the call but asked the group to proceed to help move the process along.


  • 5:03 PM Eastern