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IPS Principles

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The standards specification for the IPS will be implementable

  • Promote (the evolution and convergence of) existing standards
  • Rely on solutions that are already implemented or ready for implementation
  • Consider new or additional solutions as they become available

Global use

The standards specification for the IPS will be applicable for global use

  • Strive for global accessibility of standards for free
  • Strive for a core set of globally accessible and usable terminologies and value sets
  • Include free text in addition to the structured codes as needed
  • Do not include local solutions in the core specification that are not available in other jurisdictions

Extensible and open

The standards specification will be extensible and open to future use cases and solutions

  • The IPS provides common content that can be extended and specialized for other use cases, or localized for specific jurisdictional needs
  • The IPS is open to emerging solutions for unresolved issues or improvements


The standards specifications and their implementation must be sustainable through:

  • A robust maintenance and update process for the IPS
  • A process to ensure clinical validity of the IPS, meeting
    • clinical requirements (including workflow)
    • clinical documentation requirements
    • information quality requirements

Manage expectation

The expectations of the IPS standards specifications among stakeholders should be managed, by

  • stipulating the role of the IPS as a foundation for others to extend
  • justifying the inclusion of items in the IPS within the limited context of unplanned (cross border) care