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IIWG TCON 2016-12-08

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  1. Opening
    1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
    2. Review & approval of the Agenda
    3. Minutes of the previous meeting.
    4. Antitrust rules.
  2. Topics to be discussed
    1. Approve Tracker Item 10273
    2. Review WGM Schedule
    3. Discuss May WGM attendence
    4. Discussion on use of "media" for DICOM content (link). Discussion questions include:
      1. Does it make sense to prohibit Media for DICOM content. If you have DICOM content it must be accessed through ImagingStudy/ImagingManifest (and thus, would need a PACS to store the images).
      2. Are there use cases where Media might be appropriate across organizations?
      3. If a patient walks into their GP’s/PCP’s office with an image on a CD. Is it appropriate to store the image in a Media resource if the PCP doesn’t have a PACS?
      4. The URLs in ImagingStudy/ImagingManifest are “undecorated.” What is the appropriate way to record a particular rendering of a DICOM image used in a report, etc.? Should this be Media.content.url with a full rendered WADO-RS URL? The resulting JPEG should be put in
      5. If I need to send a collection of FHIR content, e.g. a report, how does the related imaging travel with it?
      6. If there are multiple copies/renderings of the same image in various places, what are the change management issues? Should an image included in a report should remain available in that report regardless of what happens to the source of that image?
      7. Are there workflows where you might have a DICOM instance but not the necessary information to put together an ImagingStudy?
      8. Should we recommend only rendered “display-ready” content be put in Media, but non-rendered content be accessed via ImagingStudy?
      9. Is there a need to cross-reference between a DICOM instance (rendered or not) put in Media and the same instance in an ImagingStudy?
    5. Discussion of direction of MHD-I.
  1. Next meetings
    1. January 5, 2017 at 2:00pm: Teleconference
    2. January 16-20, 2017: In-person HL7 WG Meeting
  2. Adjournment