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IIWG TCON 2016-02-11

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Imaging Integration WG TCON November 17, 2015


New FHIR tracker items
FHIR Management Group has increased tightened up the generated build warnings on resources. Several new tracker items were submitted to address these warnings:
Warning Related Issues
Issue Title
9410 Add decriptions for DICOM CID-29 value set
9411 Reorder elements in ImagingStudy
9412 Improve ImagingStudy short descriptions
9413 Reorder elements in ImagingObjectSelection
9414 Rename frameNumbers and frames
9415 Improve element descriptions in ImagingObjectSelection
Other new:
New Issues
Issue Title
9409 Image series availability: reason for including this outmoded property?
FHIR/DICOMweb use cases and boundaries
At the HL7 WGM in Orlando, there was discussion about the boundary between FHIR and DICOMweb, and whether the FHIR resources are at the right level of detail for the intended use cases.
Review the discussion and any progress.
Additional build warnings
Several build warnings don’t offer a straight-forward solution. Determine if we intend to file a tracker item to change the resource or request suppression of the warning. My email to the workgroups, and Grahame’s response, can be found in the listserv archives. The warnings include:
  • Missing entered-in-error status
  • Cannot search on ImagingStudy url elements
  • ImagingObjectSelect missing identifier element; ImagingStudy identifier not searchable.
ONC standards advisory
HL7 has requested that working groups collect feedback on changes to the 2016 ONC Standards Advisory for in preparation for the 2017 Advisory. To date we have received one submission (attached). We will review the submission, and any other comments, to prepare WG feedback to HL7.
Proposed ImagingObjectSelection and ImagingStudy updates in response to MHD-I
II WG/WG-20 discussed IHE MHD-I in Orlando. IHE RAD TC met last week and modified the proposal to allow multiple retrieval URLs in ImagingObjectSelection.
Discussion of how to encode that:
  • Replace url with wadoRsUrl, and wadoUriUrl
  • Replace url (0..1) with Attachment (0..*) and with some means (extension?) of indicating which url is which
  • ...?
Review outstanding tracker status
New Issues
Issue Title
3753 ImagingStudy doesn't have good enough examples
5642 ImagingObjectSelection needs more examples
9054 Remove instance level information from ImagingStudy summary
9252 Add short intro to WADO-RS rendering to ImagingStudy/ImageObjectSelection
9253 Add DICOM mappings for Patient
9254 Add DICOM mappings for DiagnosticOrder
9255 Add DICOM mappings for Practitioner

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Note: This call will be using HL7’s system for conference audio: Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Passcode: 566532. The call will be using DICOM’s system for screen sharing: Do not use DICOM Go-To-Meeting audio.


Minutes are available on the DICOM ftp site: