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IHE XDS mapping to HL7 v3

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Actors/Transactions in the IHE XDS Profile

This section contains a mapping from the IHE XDS artifacts (see the ITI Technical Framework; as well as the XDS-I specs.) to the HL7 Act Reference shared message topic.

Mapping of IHE Transactions to HL7 Domains/Interactions

At the transaction level there are multiple mappings, depending on whether one uses a Document registry (XDS, Medical Records domain) or an Object registry (Shared Messages Act Reference topic)

ITI-14: Register Document Set:

  • COMT (Shared Messages) – Act Reference Activate/Revise/Nullify Registration Request interactions + Application Acks
  • RCMR (Medical Records) – Document .. Notification

ITI-15: Provide and Register Document Set:

  • RCMR (Medical Records) – Various “Document …” interactions

ITI-16: Query Documents:

  • RCMR (Medical Records) – Find Document Metadata Query/Response
  • COMT (Shared Messages) – Find Act Reference Registries Query/Response

ITI-17: Retrieve Document:

  • RCMR (Medical Records) – Find Document Metadata and Content Query/Response

Terminology Mapping

  • Document Entry: Act Reference (of any class, in any mood)
  • Folder: Act (and Act Reference) of class FOLDER
  • Submission Set: Batch Transmission wrapper. The purpose of a submission set is to guarantee atomicity of a set of submissions. A Submission Set is a persistent entity, whereas a batch wrapper in HL7 isn’t.

Metadata attribute mapping

Act Reference R-MIM

The focus of the mapping is to check the functionality covered by the COMT Act Reference R-MIM.

IHE XDS Attribute HL7 v3 mapping Comments
XDSDocument. availabilitystatus RegistrationProcess. statusCode Approved = completed; Deprecated = obsolete; Deleted = nullified.
XDSDocument. recordTargetId ActReference.recordTarget
XDSDocument. uniqueId / XDSFolder. id XDS-I: UUID of the Image/SR Object/document (series, study: FOLDER)
XDSSubmissionSet. id Batch(Transmission).id
XDSDocument. documentEntryUUID Not applicable IHE ebXML implementation issue. Not required in messages; the UUID (if used at all) is internal to the ebXML Registry
XDSDocument. URI + (obsolete in XDS.b, replaced by repositoryUniqueId)
XDSDocument. repositoryUniqueId XDS.b, replaces XDSDocument.URI
XDSDocument. Code ActReference.code Document type
XDSDocument. codeDisplayName / XDSFolder. codeDisplayNameList ActReference.code (displayName)
XDSDocument. eventCode Not supported. Conceptually, a DOC association with an identified Act in EVN mood. XDS-I: Optional, valued with modality type code and anatormic region. (Dutch specific note) De modaliteit word waarschijn geimpliceerd door de code van het verslagtype -de gegevenssoort- zoals aanwezig in het RegistrationProcess.code attribuut.
XDSDocument. eventCodeDisplayName Not supported. See previous row.
XDSSubmissionSet .code / XDSFolder. codeList Not supported. Type of clinical activity that caused these documents/ this folder to be submitted. DOC association with an Act in DEF mood ?
XDSDocument. Title ActReference.code (displayName)
XDSDocument. confidentialityCode ActReference. confidentialityCode
XDSDocument. serviceStartTime ActReference. effectiveTime, start of interval
XDSDocument. serviceStopTime ActReference. effectiveTime, end of interval
XDSDocument. languageCode Not available ???
XDSDocument. authorInstitution (or scoping organization thereof)
XDSDocument. authorPerson
XDSDocument. legalAuthenticator, with signature ?
XDSDocument. sourceRecordTargetId ActReference.recordTarget
XDSDocument. sourceRecordTargetInfo ActReference.recordTarget
XDSDocument. parentDocumentRelationship Association of type RPLC (replacement), APND (addendum), XFRM (transformation) or XFRM+RPLC with the related (and identified) OtherAct.
XDSDocument. parentDocumentId See previous row.
XDSDocument. healthcareFacilityTypeCode, RoleCode of the Organization entity
XDSDocument. formatCode ActReference.classCode (not a 100% match), CDA documents (a 100% match): a component of the ED data type associated with the text attribute which contains the document. Format of the originall/full act (e.g. CDA document, v3 messaging act, PDF, TEXT)
XDSDocument. Size Not available This is used for integrity/consistency checking. No plans to support this. Can be computed at all times when one has the XDSDocument.
XDSDocument. Hash Not available This is used for integrity/consistency checking. No plans to support this. Can be computed at all times when one has the XDSDocument.
RegistryEntry. status Not applicable Status of the registryEntry, within the context of XDS this status is managed internal to the XDS Registry and as such never needs to be messaged with other Actors.
XDSSubmissionSet. SourceId, or
XDSSubmissionSet. submissionTime / XDSFolder. lastUpdateTime ControlActProcess. effectiveTime Time of the submission/ update event
XDSSubmissionSet. contactInfo Batch Transmission wrapper. sender. device. agent. organization. contactPerson
XDSSubmissionSet. comments Batch.batchComment (deprecated) Free text.