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ICWG concall 20101122

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Planned Participants

  • Melva?
  • Wendy?
  • Rob?
  • Frank?
  • ??

Planned Agenda

Review Action Log on Wiki

see: Action Items

Review draft agenda for Sydney

see: Sydney Agenda

Review 3 year plan and current list of projects to determine next steps

We need to identify what we are doing in combination with the projects overview:


  • outstanding work vor v2.8 (deadline will be March 2011)
  • update on RCnL
  • Binding Syntax guidelines for IGs
  • ??

Review DMP (Decision Making Practices)

We have discussed the DMP in May 2008: DMP

Next Meeting - November 22, 2010 (4-5pm Eastern)

  • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
  • Participant Passcode: 644843



  • Rob Snelick
  • Wendy Huang
  • Frank Oemig
  • Melva Peters

Review Action List

Wendy posted an updated action list on the Wiki. The master copy will be the wiki which will be updated during each teleconference. The identified "owner" of the action item is responsible for updating the status of the item.

Wendy will move the action list to a separate page and add a link from the main page. Please hold off on updates until this move is complete.

Status Update:

  • Frank will followup with Tooling about joint meeting in Sydney
  • IC Facilitator - was discussed with Steering Division in Rio, but there wasn't much enthusiasm for the proposal. It does appear that there is a lot of conformance work going on in Work Groups that IC isn't aware of, but we don't have a good way to engage or find out about the work. We will close this item on the action list.
  • RIMBAA - there is a perception that there is an overlap in the mission statement of RIMBAA and IC. A concern was raised about the capacity to engage with RIMBAA in the V3 work. Frank will contact Rene to discuss a possible joint meeting or his participation on one of our telecons.
  • Guidelines for use of interface and reference terminology - Wendy will reach out to vocab to determine the status of this work and bring back to next meeting.

Review Projects

On ProjectInsight it currently lists 3 projects that IC has underway

  • DSTU Testing Tool Kit
  • Develop and publish principles and guidelines to specify the syntax for vocabulary binding in implementation guides
  • V2.8 Proposals - improve conformance for better testing

We need to followup with HQ to determine which of these projects are approved and where we find the project scope statements. Melva will followup. Melva will create a page off our main page on the wiki to identify the IC projects - categorized as "approved", "proposed", "possible" and "closed".

Rob identified a project related to Implementation Guide authoring tools, but wants to wait to initiate it until he has resources to help with the work. We will post this as "possible".

V2.8 - need to determine if we need a project scope statement for this work.

  • Rob will pull together a list of all of the V2.8 proposals and will contact HQ for clarification if we need a project scope statement
  • OIDS work will be included in this project
  • Test Cases will be included in this project (new chapter 2B)


  • Frank to followup with Jason about the status of this work


  • Wendy to draft project scope statement


  • Melva to followup with Ron Parker (ArB)

Sydney Agenda

Melva is attending. Rob is pretty confident he will attend. Frank and Wendy are unsure.

We need to review agenda and identify the topics we need to discuss and make the best use of the quarters.

  • Wendy will post to the ListServ a request for agenda topics.
  • We have joint sessions planned for SDWG, ArB, and Vocab
  • Rob proposes 2 quarters related to V2.8 issues
  • Please review the agenda before the next telecon and identify the material to be discussed as well as an estimation of the amount of time needed for each topic.
  • Frank will followup with Tooling about a possible joint meeting

Next Meeting - December 6, 2010 (4-5pm Eastern)

  • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
  • Participant Passcode: 644843