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ICTC concall 20070730

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Mon 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
Please consult for your local times
Phone Number: 702-894-2444
Participant Passcode: 64484340


  • Agree notes from last call
  • SD representative elections
  • Conference call planning
  • Atlanta WGM case studies
  • Implementation Guide Project Update
  • DSTU Testing Process

Notes from Call

  • attendees: Sarah Ryan, Charlie McCay (chair), Lisa Carnahan, Jason Rock, Mead Walker, Frank Oemig, Helen Stevens
  • Agree notes from last call vote Lisa/Jason 3/0/0

Mead and Frank joined after the vote

  • SD representative elections

Lisa reported that there had been 5 emails received, two late ones (which would not have changed the outcome), with a result that the committee will voite for Woody as SD rep, and Ioana as alternate

Helen Stevens joined

  • Conference call planning

We discussed whether the Conformance call agenda items should be merged with the Implementation agenda topics at the 11am time -- and agreed that they should. The only current topic being to confirm publication arrangements for the Conformance and Localisation chapter, which is now complete and ready for publishing as normative (congrats to all).

  • Atlanta WGM case studies

no progress -- Charlie to send out invite and to finalize for this WGM

  • Implementation Guide Project Update (Sarah Ryan)

Sarah to arrange for Bob Dolin to join an Implementation call to see how strct docs and implementation can work together better (info since meeting - this will happen on the 13th Aug)

  • DSTU Testing Process

Jason had discussions with Canada(Helen), HSSP (Ken Rubin), RCRIM, and others. Lots of different views, aim is to capture the diversity of views. Bring a summary to the implementation group. Anything too prescriptive will get pushback. NHS would be supportive from Where does responsibility for creating and supporting these DSTU test plans reside. The requirement is to establish what needs to be shown to allow the specification to move to normative. What happens if the DSTU is not implemented in the 2 years that it was made available. Propose that standards should not be progressed if there have not been implementations. Should there be independent verification of the implementations. There is not a need for verification, but there would be a need for some response to a questionaire establishing how much of the standard was exercised. The committee would do outreach to establish who will do implementations. The implementers may be asked to present to the committee. A good compromise would be to ask for a form to be completed. Maybe a few implementations together would provide a good coverage for validating the quality of the DSTU. There is an expectation that HL7 will do all of the DSTU testing - this is not realistic - the DSTU implementations can only be done by members.

  • Jason to ask Dave Hamil to a call to discuss -- aiming for 13th August.
  • Action -- ask for TSC time to present at the plenary session.

call ended at 11:59 eastern time